Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Shameless and Blatant Plug for AWAKEN ME DARKLY!

Hi all!
Yes, I am going to shamelessly and blatantly plug my fabulous girlfriend's wondeful new book from the Bad Girls of Downtown Press. Mia is a very very naughty girl (Oh, Mia is the heroine's name, not my fab girlfriend...okay, I'll tell...the author, Gena Showalter, is very naughty too! But y'all can keep a secret - right?)

So here's all the pertinent information. Please buy her book so she can treat me to dinner. And that would be dinner with nice wine, too.

AWAKEN ME DARKLY by Gena Showalter
(Pocket Books, June 2005)
In a time and place not too far away, Mia Snow is an alien huntress for the New Chicago Police Department, using her psychic abilities and deadly fighting skills to catch her prey. Heading up her expert team of Alien Investigation and Removal agents, Mia is unmatched at battling the elusive enemy among us, and she’s the perfect girl for the job. She’s seen her brother die at the hands of aliens. She’s earned each of her scars. And she’ll never, ever give up. Now, a series of killings have Mia and her partner Dallas tracking alien suspects – but a sudden blast of violence leaves Dallas fighting for his life.
The chance to save Dallas appears in the form of a tall, erotic stranger. An alien. A murder suspect. Kyrin en Arr, of the deadly Arcadian species, holds the power to heal the injured agent but not without a price. For Mia Snow, that price is surrendering to Kyrin’s forbidden seduction…and embracing their electric attraction. She’s walking a knife’s edge, risking her badge and even her life. The closer she gets to Kyrin, the more Mia learns about her own heart, her human needs – and the shocking secret that will shatter everything she’s ever believed.

Gena Showalter holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics (lie), is an expert in Krav Maga (bigger lie), and once worked as a body guard for the stars (the biggest lie of all). Actually, Gena Showalter is just your everyday, average girl who enjoys creating sizzling paranormal tales of kick ass women and the men who can't resist them.

"A brilliantly written, fast-paced novel, AWAKEN ME DARKLY sizzles…Similar to Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, (Awaken Me Darkly) takes various steps to transcend the genres of the supernatural, mystery and science fiction" Fresh Fiction
“Fans of TV’s Alias will find this book especially appealing” RT
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Alien Nation in this action-packed adventure, and Mia Snow is perfect as the alien hunter with a secret.” Booklist



Michele said...

Sounds yummy.
Love your bio for Gena.
It might be "shameless" but
you had fun!

Anonymous said...

I read the book and loved it :)

PC Cast said...

Yea Bonnie! Gena's wonderful. Hey - would you email me privately, please?


Jess said...

I'm thinking about starting my own blog as a replacement for my tulsa writing group. I've been isolated here since the move and I'm in dire need of some emotional support. Having a hard time tracking down a local group. What do you think?