Friday, July 15, 2005

Mysteria novella done done done!

Yea!! I finished my novella (tentatively titled Candy Cox and the Big Bad [Were]wolf) at about 4:00 am this morning! Yea! I'll set it aside now and do a rewrite next week some time, and then send it off to my editor before I leave for the RWA National Conference in Reno on the 27th. So now all I have to do is finished the line edits on Brighid's Quest (my December release for Luna) and I am totally caught up! Actually, I'm ahead...which is I"ll probably start my next Goddess Summoning Book early (it's a retelling of Aida and I'm researching goddesses right now for it). But, what I'm really excited about is that I CAN CATCH UP ON MY READING! (And maybe loll by the pool and drink too much...) So I bought Bitten by Kelly Armstrong, as I already said in the werewolf blog, and I'm looking forward to that. And I have Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey on the recommendation of my werewolf writing friend, Shaunee (see previous post for an excerpt from her fab manuscript).

Along with those two books I have Liz Maverick's Crimson City added to my to be read pile. I love Liz's funny blog - you guys may want to check it out at And my daughter just bought me a copy of Julie Kenner's hilarious looking new book, Carpe Demon. Here's the link to an excerpt: Excerpt:

I'd love it if you guys would post a review here for any (or all) of the above books! Tell me what you think! I love insightful, intelligent reviews. Naturally, I believe all of my blog readers (and fans!) are insightful, intelligent readers!



Rinda Elliott said...

Bitten just plain rocks!

How's that for insightful and intelligent? heh heh

Congrats on being ahead of the game!


PC Cast said...

Rinda Baby! If you say it rocks I totally believe you! (You nasty girl.)


Eva Gale said...

Bitten is wonderful. Hmmm. If I said that I loved your books and that you would totally enjoy Bitten would that make it better? Lol. It was well written, and not like any other book I had read. I have not read anyother werewolf books so take that for what it's worth, but I found it extremely enjoyable.

Kushiel's Dart. OMG. I had an idea like that and based on the blurb I think we got our ideas from the same place, but after I read it I decided that never in a million years could I ever measure up to what Jaquline Carey had accomplished. That good. So are the next two. She didn't miss a beat with all of them. Complete suspension of disbelief.

Have a blast at convention and I hope you get much reading and drinking time in. :P

Sarah said...

I know this is a super old post ( I've been reading back from the beginning) but I just had to say that bitten is one of the only books I've read as many times as the house of night series (along with vampire academy by richelle mead)