Saturday, July 02, 2005

Amazing new review


Check out the fab review of Goddess of Spring on the incredibly insightful Smart Bitches blog, LOVE those Smart Bitches! (Also while you're there scroll down to the entry Keeping Maili Amused and click on the Steve, No! Don't eat that! link. Oh. My. Goddess. I laughed so hard I hurt my side. Seriously. )



Gena Showalter said...

I was rolling on the floor when I read the Steve, Don't Eat That site. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard.

Awesome review of GoS!!!!

Anonymous said...

GOS was awesome! Congrats on the great review.

PC Cast said...

Gena - I swear I was crying when I read the Steve, Don't Eat That thing. Ohmygod! The fungi-filled corn? Thought I would die.

Yea Bonnie! How is Jessie liking GotS?

Anonymous said...

She loved it PC :)

moonhart said...

Wow PC! Those bitches really ARE smart!

Good to know that I am too, since I adored GoS and it won the coveted "lamination" for the "keepers" pile.



Jeri said...

Congrats, PC! Those Smart Bitches are tough, so to get a good review from them really means something. I loved GOS, too.

And Steve, Don't Eat That!: possibly the funniest thing I've ever read. Thanks for that link.

PC Cast said...

Hey there Jeri! How's your wip coming?? And when are we going to get a sequel to Requium?! (So glad you liked GoS!)


Jeri said...

Hi PC! The first draft of the Luna book is finished, and I'm working on a proposal for a vampire series. Dunno about Requiem sequels--sometimes I want to do it (I've written large parts of two sequels) and other times I feel it'd be better off just leaving it as it ended. I'm torn. You can visit my blog for updates on my not-so-crazy writing life.

PC Cast said...

Jeri - I'm so looking forward to reading your Luna books! And I'm sure you do something fabulous and unique with the vampire series.

Well, I can see what you mean about not wanting to mess with Requium - it was utterly perfect as is. Lovvved the ending! But how about doing something with one of the demons? Hey - is requium going to be availabe mm any time soon?

Jeri said...

Hmm, well, the immediate sequel (Book #2) actually deals with Beelzebub and his friendship/romance/journey to the Hudson Bay with Gianna's brother Marc. I just don't see there being a huge market for gay romantic fantasy Canadian road trip novels. So the whole series pretty much stumbles on that.

Another sequel (Book #4, the start of a new trilogy) features Lucifer's and Beelzebub's daughters as high-school seniors in the year 2019. That one I almost sold to Luna as a trilogy. Both demons (L&B) appear in that one in supporting roles. Fun stuff, but without #s 2 & 3 in the series, it's a bit odd.

Thanks for your words of encouragement! You're so awesome.