Friday, June 17, 2005

Oops - forgot...cover comment

Jeesh, I was so excited that Jessie and Bonnie were helping me to post the cover that I forgot to tell you guys Inside Excellent Info about it. Take a look at the background - it came from a photo my incredibly talented mom took on Oklahoma's Tallgrass Prairie! Uh, no. The Huntress was not in the photo at the time...but you never know the stuff you'll find if you visit Oklahoma!

So Partholon's Centaur Plains is really Oklahoma's Tallgrass Prairie. I've visited often and hiked hither and yon, though you can't hither and yon around the bison who still roam the prairie. Uh, bison are yummy to eat, and very cool looking animals. But They Are Mean. Totally bad-tempered. Morons get gored once in a while because they're all, "Hey, Mama! Let's us feed one of them buffaloes!" Mama, "Okay, Daddy! Get the Cheeze Whiz from the cooler. It's under the Coors!" You see how easily tragic accidents can happen?


Michele said...

Yup, bison is good. Leaner cut of meat too. Same with buffalo.
Pssst, check the comments section 3rd post down. I'm not sure if you'll be amused or horrified at my original pronounciation of Cu's name et al. Thank goodness you corrected me!!
Once again, cover is a winner. Just walking by it in a store, I would have to stop and check it out. (buy it too *grin*)

PC Cast said...

Michele - your pronounciations cracked me up! But I tend to make up the way names sound in my mind, too. For instance, I know I mispronouce Gabaldon each and every time I think it.

Michele said...

Thanks! Gabaldon, yep , that's a doozey alright.
Gah-Bah Doh (think french accent with emphasis on Doh)
You are right, I think I've done the same and can't seem to choose the easiest.
Oh, well, at least the ol' brain is still whirring along.
Happy Day!

PC Cast said...

Hee hee Michele. I always think Gobble-don, and I KNOW that's totally wrong.

But I've got JAMIE with no problem!