Friday, March 14, 2014

My writing space!

I'm finishing the fan Q&A part of the coloring book manuscript, and because there were several questions about how/where I write, I thought I would post a picture of my Tulsa office. I've been writing on a TreadDesk ( since 2009. I love my TreadDesk, and I wouldn't write any other way. Not only is it way better on my body than sitting in front of a computer, but the movement helps me focus and be more productive. I do prefer the TreadDesk over other treadmill desk models. I've tried LifeSpan desks, and not only are they more expensive, but they're too bulky and cumbersome. So, do I have a writing ritual? I suppose I do! TreadDesk, Superman, candles, and a Scottie dog or two… Back to writing for me! XXXOOO PC


Unknown said...

Hello P. C Cast. I am a 14 years old girl who live in Norway. This month my School class and I got a homework. That is about to write a writer project about our favorite writer. I have decide to Write about you! :) I love the series House of night. It is the best books i have ever read. Since I am writing about you, I am hoping that you maby can answer some questions i need to my project!

1. I really want to know what Your real name, because I didn`t find it any Place on the internet. What P and C stands for, if it do stands for something ;)

2. How is it to Write a serie with your own daughter?

3. How did Your childhood affected your books? If it did.

4. Which one of the books you've written are you most pleased with?

5. Why did you start to write books?

6. What is your inspiration?

7. Have you ever been in Norway?

8. Are any of your stories based on reality?

9. Have you ever dreamed about beeing a writer, or did you have other plans when you were younger?

10. Did you want your daughter to be a writer to?

Thank you so much in advance if you can take the time to answer my questions!:))

PC Cast said...

June, the questions that aren't too personal I've already answered in many on line interviews, as well as this blog. No, I haven't been to Norway, but I would love to visit!