Thursday, March 20, 2014

Coloring Book News!

As of today I have all of the images and text turned in for the House of Night coloring book! Yea! Design and proofing stages are next, then it will be available for you guys! I'm still on track for it to be released in May! I'll post links as soon as it's available. Until then, here's a teaser of Aura Dalian's lovely drawing that is being colorized and turned into an awesome wraparound cover for the book! (I especially love seeing Nala in the foreground!) Back to working on KALONA'S FALL for me! XXXOOO PC


~Laura~ said...

Omg! I love it!

Sarah L said...

That is a beautiful illustration of the house of night ... love it xoxox

Unknown said...

Hi my name it Kourtney and I'm just sitting here reading hidden I have read all of your books including the novellas and I just had an idea as I fan I would deffinaly enjoy reading a novella on seoras shamanic quest for his queen sgiach or maybe it could tell her story either way I would deffinaly like to here more about the warrior queen and her guardian!! I hope you guys consider it!! P.s can't wait to read kalonas fall!!!