Tuesday, September 27, 2005

MaryJanice Rules!

Okay, I'm just going to admit it - I'm a huge MaryJanice Davidson fan. And I consider her a friend, so I can tell you that she is funny and fantastic and authentic. So BUY HER BOOKS. Especially the anthology I'm in with her (it's not out till August 2006, but put it on your "to do" list, please). Here's her latest anthology...just something to read whilst we're waiting for the next Undead book:

“The Misadventures of Boo and the Boy Blunder” featured in KICKASS by MaryJanice Davidson
(Berkley, September 2005)

A tale of a woman who knows how to save the day - and enjoy the rewards at night.
“The Incredible Misadventures of Boo and the Boy Blunder” by MaryJanice Davidson. Former police officer Gregory wonders how life can be so unfair. Recently, he was turned into a vampire and to make matters worse, he has met his soulmate (that is, if he had a soul). The problem is his beloved wants to kill him as Boo is a bona fide vampire hunter.



MaryJanice Davidson is the best-selling author of several romance novels, including UNDEAD AND UNWED and HELLO GORGEOUS. Her books have been on the USA Today best seller list, as well as the New York Times list. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, two children, and dog, and is secretly addicted to Peanut Buster Parfaits.

Website: http://www.maryjanicedavidson.net


Jess said...

I love her undead series...my hubby even read them and was laughing.

Unknown said...

Her Wyndham werewolves are great too. Of her Undead series, I just finished Undead and Unreturnable and it was hilarious. I am really looking forward to the television release of Undead and Unwed.