Sunday, June 01, 2014


So, I'm working hard on the world building and the outline for my next series, and I know that I think better if I give my ideas time to percolate while I'm keeping myself busy - especially busy outside. I decided to create a fairy garden (while I'm creating a new world in my mind)! I started with two outside, but I'm also going to make one inside in my office. I have an Asian inspired mini garden that is linked to a mushroom/earth goddess garden by a cutie little red bridge. They're still under construction, but check them out! Have any of you ever created a fairy garden? (It's fun!) XXXOOO PC


Unknown said...

Your garden is amazing and so are your books! Can wait to read what you publish next!!! Keep up the good work!

Ang from Oz said...

Any hints on what the new series might be???

Géraldine said...

How lovely! It looks indeed like something fairy. I love the mushrooms and the little bridge! So, fairies and Earth Goddess= clues for your next series??
In my garden, I have a nice little fake turtle, which the cats love to smell (don't really know why..) and of course, cats themselves are kind of Divine spirits watching over the garden, right?
PS: loved "The Avenger"; it made me nostalgic of Partholon!


PC Cast said...

Geraldine - I thought of you when I posted! I was thinking your cats would love a fairy garden! Glad you loved The Avenger! I know - the Celtic setting was very like Partholon.

Ang - wellllll, it's going to be fantasy, and something that has never been done before. I'm really excited about it. More adult than YA, though I'm plotting a trilogy with characters of all ages.

Stephanie - thank you! XXXOOO

Géraldine said...

Well, yes, I'm sure Carmilla and Griffin, aka "Titania" and "Puck" would love a fairy garden, so, I'd love to have your advice to turn a mini garden into something fairy!
Yes, it was the Celtic setting, as well as the initiatic travel to the Otherworld, which reminded me of Brighid and Cu. I miss this cute couple!
PS: you know you tease us awfully with your new top secret series!!!

Unknown said...

ohh it`s so amazing!! i wish i could do it on my balcony jaja your books are incribles and now I find myself rereading destined for the second time and I am so identified with everything, but when I read it for the first time so I am emocionandome again without stop reading it. I am intrigued by the new series now, I do not biting my nails step but wonder would you write a novel in the history of stark?
love from Argentina

Unknown said...

I loves your house of night series and all your other books, i read them over and over and never get bored and cant wait for your new inspirational series start you and your daughter are truly amazin authors, any idea when the movie will be, getting excited :)
P.S love the redeemed book cover and cant wait to read it