Friday, July 12, 2013

RWA Signing in Atlanta!

Hi Guys!
I'm going to attend the Romance Writers of America's national conference in Atlanta next week (Wednesday, July 17-Saturday, July 20).  The conference itself is something you have to pay to attend (see for more info), but it opens with a GIANT group signing, with the proceeds going to fight illiteracy.  THE LITERACY SIGNING IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!  You can check out the specifics at:

Here's the basic info:
This event is open to the public and there is no entry fee.
2013 "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing
Wednesday, July 17
5:30–7:30 p.m.
Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atrium Ballroom A–C (Atrium level)

The list of attending authors is awesome!  We'll be in alphabetical order - CAST is easy to find!  See y'all there!


MyBlog.98 said...

Oh I wish I could be there! Don't think I could travel from England though...
I don't know if you remember bug I commented on one of your posts about my dog sadly dying. My family decided we couldn't live without one, so we bought home a female puppy called Lexi today! :)

PC Cast said...

Awww! So glad to hear you've added Lexi to your family! I'm sending you much happiness!

Amber Terry said...

I'm going to try my hardest to be there! I would love to finally meet you PC. (:

-Amber Terry for Stevie Rae Johnson

Ang from Oz said...

Wish I could attend, so many great authors are going to be there (yourself included PC!!)

I hope you have a great time!!

Kaitlyn said...

Hi, PC! I was curious if you ever planned to visit Charleston, SC? I would love to meet you and support you on your story telling path! I was also curious as to whether or not you ever took a writing class?

PC Cast said...

Kaitlyn - I love Charleston, and would definitely tour there! Of course that's all up to my publisher once I start touring again (after I've finished the HoN series). Yes, I have taken writing classes - several of them. I found them very beneficial, and a very good time.

Kaitlyn said...

Thanks for the reply! I would love to meet you as you are my favorite author! I'm currently writing my first "official" novel and hoping to one day be published as well. I am simply trying to find the best way to go about creating a good foundation for my literature without being screwed over by the wrong agents and all that good nonsense. Your blog has definitely helped, however! Thanks!

PC Cast said...

Kaitlyn, a reputable agent never screws over his or her author. You should research the business of being an author (check out my advice for aspiring authors post in the archives of this blog) and understand the real life roles of people in the industry. Agents are advocates of their authors - they don't make money unless their authors do.

Levi Langdale said...

It was so good to finally meet you! Glad fate brought you to Atlanta while I was on vacation.

Blessed Be,


PC Cast said...

Awesome to meet you, too, Levi! XXXOOOO

Kaitlyn said...

Okay, will do. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I am also from Charleston SC and just finished writing my first novel too! I would love to actually get the opportunity to meet you!

Unknown said...

Name: Mckayla
Age: 18
Where : nanaimo British Columbia Canada
Comment: is there going to be a movie because if there is i would really like to see it so anxious to know!!!!!!!

sammy said...

This is one event I am wishing I can attend too.