Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy 4th of July with an Anjo View!

Taking a 4th of July break from REDEEMED for some trail riding!  Here's my view from Anjo.  Wishing y'all a fun 4th!



Géraldine said...

Hi PC!
The Anjo view is very nice too! As Lenobia would say "The breath of heaven is found between a horse's ears"...
I hope Anjo is fine and her foal too.

So there will be "Revealed", "Redeemed", Kalona's novella, and then back to Partholon?

xxoo and happy 4th of July!

PC Cast said...

Hi Geraldine! That sounds like a plan to me! I love Partholon! All is well with the horses (I'll post more pics of Miss Monroe soon - she's gorgeous.) How's your summer going?

Leigh-Ann Magill said...

Hi PC!

Happy 4th of July!! Looks like you had a great day.

I was wondering when/if you will be writing a new Goddess Summoning book? I love the series. I reread many of the books often and am always on the look out for a new book in the series.

Thanks for writing such a great series!


PC Cast said...

Hi Leigh-Ann,
I'd love to write another Goddess Summoning Book. Just have to find the time...

Unknown said...

Hey PC! So excited to hear more about the movie details. I know some many people ask you about the progress of it and it may seem redundant but I'm really hoping that the audition place and time will be announced and open to the public. I'd love love love to audition for the role of Shaunee!

P.s.- I admire your writing so much! Really hope i can meet you someday.
-Soledad (Writer and Actress in the making)261

Géraldine said...

Great for Partholon, these books are my favorite! And it will be comforting to return to the company of centaurs after the sadness of leaving the House of Night.
I can imagine what a beauty Miss Monroe is; I wish I had horses on my own too...
In France, the summer and the sun have finally decided to settle in, after months of cold and rain. So, before the holidays next month, I'm beginning to enjoy my new little garden with the cats, and the flowers I planted!