Tuesday, May 21, 2013

REVEALED: The Final Cover!

Click on the image below to see the just-released cover of the next House of Night novel, REVEALED! Revealed - the final cover



MyBlog.98 said...

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! OMG soooooo excited!!

Hope you haven't been affected by those terrible tornados

Mock said...

OOOHH, I absolutely love it. I can't wait to read the book, I'm so excited for it.

Sending light and love to you and everyone else in Oklahoma affected by the tornadoes.


Jennifer said...

Hi PC! Is it the woodward park spot behind Neferet? She looks crazy.

Unknown said...

Hi PC,
I found the cover of Revealed really cool! I'm so excited! I hope to get the book as soon at it's out. I read Hidden about 10 times. I found that Kristin and you are amazing writers.
I hope you haven't been affected with those tornados in U.S.A.

PC Cast said...

Jennifer - yes! That is the grotto at Woodward Park behind Neferet, and she is totally crazy!

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. Tulsa was spared. Please send love and light to the OK City area, and especially Moore.

Unknown said...

Oh, wow! At this point, I don't know how REDEEMED will be able to compete...I mean, look at all that mysterious gorgeousness~

Okay, PC and Kristin, I've got 2 questions:

1) The internet is spewing mixed answers about the Kalona story: will it be a full-length novel or a novella? *crossing fingers for a full-length*

2) And are there any plans for a signing in Canada (specifically Toronto) in the near future?

I Heart You Ladies. So inspiring. :) And, of course, prayers to those affected in Oklahoma City.

shaun said...

Wow! So cool who is it on the cover zoey? Neferet? Can't wait for the UK cover loving the new design all those bright colors. Hope a all is well in OK :)

Razjel said...

Is Neferet ;D

PC Cast said...

Hana - your answers:
1) KALONA'S FALL will be in the novella format (mini-book with chapter illustrations), but I have a green light from my publisher if it runs long.
2) I'm not planning any tours until I have the series completed. Right now I'm just focusing on an awesome conclusion with REVEALED, KALONA'S FALL, and finally, REDEEMED. We are looking forward to returning to Canada as soon as we are able! We heart us some Canada!

Shaun and Razel - yes! It is Neferet on the cover.

Jennifer said...

Pc. Then you're going to publish KALONA'S FALL before or after Redeemed? Neferet's going to become good? Because the title of the last book.

We're going to see the White Bull, more of Neferet's power and past, and Aphrodikey's parents in REVEALED?

Thanks for all.

*Escapist* said...

Love this cover *-*

By the way, I just finished Divine by choice (I'm going back to the old books I still have to read) and that was absolutely awesome!!!

PC Cast said...

Jennifer - KALONA'S FALL will be released between REVEALED and REDEEMED. Sorry, can't answer the rest of your questions. You'll have to wait and see.

Escapist - I adore the Partholon books! So glad you liked DbC!

Owen G said...

Not long got amd read Neferets cure it was sad and awsome. Ive been reading the series for four years. Its one of the best ive read. I love how its so magical. (Still need to get the ither two novellas though). Ive a couple of questions if its ok?

1) After reading Neferets Curse i can see why she hated her father at least and the one she was "promised too" but how could she just use those two events to despise all humans to the point shes allied with darkness? Also Has she ever truely been allied with Nyx if the white bull was known to her from a young age?

2) Because Zoey is such an odd Fledging (an extraordanary but odd fledging) if and when she Changes, will it be a normal Change for her or would it be diffrent, also would it take the normal 4 years as her peers?

Last question

3)What has been your favorite Book, Scene, and Character to write in HoN so far and why?

(I hope the questions are ok and not asking for spoilers which im not, just additional information etc)

Loyal fan


Unknown said...

OMG I can't wait for this next to come! I got a question on the book cover is that Neferet?

Critica said...

OMG AWESOME! This is a fantastic book cover! It's kind of mysterious amid the pretty pink/red-violet color scheme :) Thanks for the update!

Razjel said...

Yes, Shari, is Neferet :3

Unknown said...

I hope you guys are okay and Mrs. Cast do you know who is on the poster of Revealed or is there not going to be one

vampire hugger ;) said...

When is the actual release date for revealed?

Anonymous said...

October 15th

Unknown said...

My daughter and I have been reading the House of Night series together. It is so nice to have something in common with my teenager. thank you for giving that me . I would really like to see Aphroditeget her mark back . to me it seems even though she's got a really bad attitude she does deserve to grow with Darius. I mean she really has been through the ringer. just a thought. oh and by the way my daughter and I have been putting a cast together for movie for this series. she and I are talking about how awesome it would be to have a TV series. It's almost like the adventures of Zoey and her friends could never really end. Thanks for listenin.

Unknown said...

Ohhh It looks so beautiful!!

Unknown said...

I hope and pray that one of these days I could meet you