Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring in OK

It's becoming a lovely spring in Oklahoma. My wisteria are blooming like crazy - the red buds and dogwoods, azaleas, tulips and narcissus have painted the city with color. It's a perfect time to visit Utica Square and Philbrook and Woodward Park. Just keep an eye out for Neferet! Rumor has it she's on the loose! Back to REVEALED... XXXOOO PC


Leane_AC said...

PC, sou uma entre muitos fãns do Brasil, e estamos loucos por novidades!! amo house of nifgt, e queremos muito o filme! adoro você!!

Jennifer said...

PC - Hi! I've heard that Neferet will be in the cover of REVEALED. That means we're going to see much more of her? That information is true? Oh, and there will be an inside poster? Who is going to be in it if the answer is yes. Thank you!

PC Cast said...

Hi Jennifer,
Yes, Neferet is on the cover and you do see quite a bit of her in the book. It'll help if you read NEFERET'S CURSE, as that sets up a lot of the plot. I'm sure they'll do an inside poster, but I haven't seen it yet.

Noobular said...

Looks so pretty <3

Anonymous said...

That's amazing! I really want to go to Oklahoma, especially Tulsa! Yet, when you mention Neferet... I might wanna go there AFTER Zoey and the gang deal with her.
Have fun writing! Can't wait to read it! :D
Heart, Lindsey Holt, small town texan girl

Unknown said...

When does REVEALED come out? Do you know when the movie is going to come out and who are the cast members

Géraldine said...

Hi PC, the picture is beautiful (I love the Goddess symbol). Is it your garden?
Yes, watch out for spiders.. I'm still reading "Neferet's Curse". Pages 34-35 are very interesting to read: very powerful sentences that left me shivering. Unfortunalety Emily's mother left her daughter associating being a wife and mother with loneliness and death!
In France it's finally sunny, and I begin to go out in my little garden with the cats.


PC Cast said...

Niki - REVEALED will be out in October. All the movie news I have is under the archived blog.

Unknown said...

Where can I find it at

Unknown said...

PC, Hi I am one of you'r biggest fans for the hon series and you and Kristin have inspired me to write my own books. I am only 11 though, I can't wait until Revealed.
<3 Sally
P.S Say hi to Kristin for me.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to write anymore Partholon or Goddess Summoning books after HoN?
Started Neferet's Curse! Love it so far! ❤

Amber Terry said...

That is beautiful, PC. I just bought my Dad for his birthday a bird bath which is stone and has Celtic designs all over it. We're Irish and he loved it! We have a huge garden and I would love to show you pictures if you ever want to see them!!

&New Picture of me and Sway! What do you think?


Have a blessed day, ma'am!
-Amber Terry for Stevie Rae Johnson.

Anonymous said...

ohmigod tht is sooooo pretty i cant wait to read revealed and i made a fan page of HoN on fb and i have alot of likes

Unknown said...

Hi PC! I'M your (italian) fan... But in Italy when will Bee out Neferet' s course, Dragon's oath and Lenobia's vow... I'M not good at english and I can't read the book in this languages:)
Saluti dall'Italia