Friday, August 07, 2009

From Scotland to York

After an amazing day in the Highlands yesterday, Kristin and I took the train from Edinburgh down to York, and had a great event/signing at the Waterstones here. Now we have a couple of days to relax, shop, and just rejuvenate before going on to the Manchester event. Oh! A note about the Manchester event: yes, it's sold out, but Waterstones is allowing fans to come in after we speak and still get their books signed. So don't despair if you don't have a ticket! Come see us anyway!

I do have to tell y'all that I kinda left my heart in the Highlands...soooo magical there...



Royce said...

awww glad your having fun in the UK PC...I really REALLY hope you do some signings and talks over in london...I hope you do so I can meet you in Kristen? oh yeah by the way hows the jeg lag? you getting used to the time change? and when are you gonna start writing "Burned"?

PC Cast said...

Hi Royce,
Manchester and Ramsgate are our last two signings this trip. Sorry - we'll work on more next time.

Jet lag is terrible!

And, yes, I've already started BURNED.

Lovehouseofnight1 said...

well you just get all the great pics dont you, you soooooooo should have stoped in dublin, it's beautiful, i wish i lived there, any way i really love ur pics but i cant wait till ur back in the US, and i agree jet lag is terrible, especially when ur in new york and u have to sleep on the floor, and uh, YOU'VE ALREADY STARTED BURNED, when don't you work

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Glad you can relax, I would have landed on a bed or the floor even if I had to do signings but I guess I would probably love to get the support. The difference is I'm not a writer:( When are you announcing the winners for the contest? Are you placing the pictures?

Ang from Oz said...

What great pics PC, you guys get to go to all sorts of awesome places. (OZ being one of them next year he he's) I hope you enjoy shopping and relaxing. You definately deserve it! :)

p.s. In the process of ordering my HON stuff from The Fire Goddess! Can't wait to get them!

Emily said...

I have a question. Do you think of title names before you write the book, during the writing process, or after the book is written? I have read all 5 books and they all are very good, and I deffinately like how zoey has mistakes in the books, like how she is infatuated with 3 guys and not just 1. That is what makes me like HoN more than Twilight.

Royce said...

awhh...thats a bummer :( ahh well ill guess ill have to find a signed book then...cant wait for tempted and looking forward to burned :)

Jana Oliver said...

I love York. You're so lucky to get to spend a couple days there. I only got a few hours :(

Mariana said...

I want to congratulate you and Kristin, the series is very lovely.
I fell in love with the series, I am very anxiously to read the 6th book and the next books are in bookstores soon.
I found it very beautiful in the cover are the boys, is perfect.
Maybe you can give a clue to why Erik is on the cover?

Thank you for your attention, and once more Congratulations.


Mariana said...

PC, you have estimates of when publish "Burned"? Only the next year?


PC Cast said...

Hi Emily - I've chosen titles all three ways. For instance, CHOSEN, came to me before I began the book, but it fit perfectly, though it wasn't talking about Zoey - more like Aphrodite and Stevie Rae. TEMPTED happened as I was writing it, and BURNED came while I was writing TEMPTED. It's odd how it happens, but I've learned to go with my instincts about Titles.

Wish you were here, too, Jana! York is wonderful, and it's been a beautiful day.

Mariana - Erik is NOT on the cover and, nope, I can't tell you why. I don't have a clue when BURNED will be out - actually I don't even want to think about that right now because I have so little of it written!

Anonymous said...

heya PC, I came to the signing yesterday in York, I really enjoyed it! Loads of fun and Tempted sounds fab, the Reading was awesome!! I've told my bezzie all about it but, not that much! Hope you and Kristin enjoy the rest of your tour!! :P

Anonymous said...

Oh, ideas for Burned sound fantastic!!! Can't wait for it, and Tempted!!

PC Cast said...

Hi Erin! Thank you for coming to our party yesterday. It was great fun, especially giving you guys a sneak view of TEMPTED! It was such a beautiful day in York today - Kristin and I walked all over the city!


Gabriella said...

i beg please come to london, i will try to go to manchester or ramsgate but can you just make a bit easier for me and come to london :)

Anonymous said...

Hey PC!
I was at the signing in York yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you how fantastic it was :)
I was the girl on the front row, with the "mark" on my foreheard?
Thank you very much for answering all my questions, signing my books, and for the "I <3 TULSA" t-shirt, I'll treasure it forever.
I think it's such a lovely thing that you and Kristin are willing to do all that for your fans, and we love you for it!!
I've made a video about yesterday with some footage, if you're interested:

Love, Sophie xx

p.s. Did you and Kristin enjoy the dungeons?

PC Cast said...

Of course I remember Cheeky Sophie! Brilliant video, too. Well done you. Glad you had a good time. We're going to the dungeons tomorrow. It was so beautiful today we spent our time walking all around lovely York.


Lovehouseofnight1 said...

ok PC im really glad ur finnaly relaxing and having a good time, and i really wish i was in the uk right now, but i really wish u guys were here in north carolina, in the largest marine base in the us, especially since NOTHING exciting ever happens here,well except for peoples parents always being deployed, ahh i got off topic agin, i do that alot, any way i cant wait till you guys go on tour in america for your new book, if your any where with in 4 hours of nc, im soooooooo gonna come, did anyone ever tell you that it's uber fun talking to you even if it's on the internet?

Emily said...

How did you come up with the names to your characters in HoN? It always amazes me how authors come up with names and such. your series is great, and I deffinately cannot wait until TEMPTED comes out october 27th. I'm deffinately counting down the days.

Mariana said...

Thanks for answering my PC ...
Unfortunately you can not tell me anything about Erik, I am very curious.
Burned asked about, why not wait to read the books and soon reach the end of the series, I am very curious and anxiously. Although I do not know what to do when the series ends. I think it will be difficult for me, when the Twilight series is over I spent a whole week depremida. ^_^

I love House of Night!!

Anonymous said...

How fun. I wish I was in UK... Sigh.
Oh, and PC, I've just finished your Goddess of Spring book. Its AMAZING! Its one of my favorite books now, warring with Heart of the Dragon by Gena Showalter. It was so moving! I love it. Now Im on Goddess of the Rose. Its great, too, so far.
Btw, is Anton gay? Im just wondering. He seems sort of like Damien. Ttyl.

PC Cast said...

Emily - I name characters in a variety of ways. Sometimes it's the name, or close to the name, of the person I'm basing him/her on. Sometimes I look for a name with a certain meaning that fits the character, and sometimes I just do it randomly.

LL - yea! So glad you liked Goddess of Spring (Gena will be jealous!). I can never decide whether that or Goddess of the Rose is my favorite. You'll have to let me know which you like best. Yep, Anton is definitely gay, but way more fluttery than Damien. And the UK is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm very very fond of your books I think they are amazing ! I really dream to be able to do the translation into French ! Is there a way I can do that for you ? It would be a real honnor for me !
Congratulations for you and your dayghter's work ! I also hope that there will be a movie of this serie !
Yours sincerly,
You can contact me at

ChrissyR said...

Hey PC when are you girls going to put the first chapter of Tempted on the HOS website? I'm really excited!

Mariana said...

You already have the name of 9 books?
The house of night will turn the TV series?


William said...

Cheeky's Dad

Thanks for making Sophie's day in York so memorable - I've never seen her so happy! Loved your chat with many refreshing points of view. - I've just started the first book!

The Cruz's said...

Hello PC!! I just wanted to know if you are releasing Tempted in Kindle version at the same time of the release in October. I love your books and have read them all on my Kindle. Pretty Please... do so!!!
Thank you!!!

stef said...

Hey i am really enjoying those selected lines from tempted but i was wondering if you could help me and some other people on the

Spoiler Alert lines from Tempted

"Nerd herd, focus. You're here to help the fledglings. Dour One and Dour Two aren't important," said Aphrodite.

"Dr. Seuss reference. I like it," Stark said, giving me a check-me-out-I've-always-read-books hottie grin.

Aphrodite frowned at him. "I said focus, not flirt."

Who was he talking to i say Zoey but most on there think it he was talking to Aprdoite.
i would really love it if you could clear that up it is drvining us all crazy. Please and Thank you.
I cant wait for tempted.

PC Cast said...

As far as I know the Kindle version will be released the same day as TEMPTED.

Sorry, Stef, you'll have to wait to see who's talking to who...

MS - our books are already sold to a French publishing house. They'll handle the translation.

Chrissy - I don't think my publisher's posting chapter one until next month.

Mariana - All I have is the title for the 7th book: BURNED.

michellee said...

looks like you are having fun in the uk!
i love the HON books amd cant wait for Tempted and Burned am soo excited and thanks for the amazziiing books x

xjosybray said...

omj im so jealous. its a bummer i used to live in york but moved down to plymouth a few years ago. im angry at myself that i misssed your book signing. no one ever seems to come down to plymouth. love your books (:

xjosybray said...

and who is the boy on the front cover of tempted because i think he looks like heath but my sister thinks its eric or is it someone new?

xjosybray said...

sorry i didnt realise you had already answered that question. i havent had time to check out all your blogs. xx