Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On our way to New York City!

(This is a picture of the Flatiron Building in NYC, which is also known as Headquarters of St. Martin's Press, the Most Awesome Publisher in the Known Universe!)

So Kristin and I got a call this afternoon from our lovely publicist, Katy, who informed us we're coming to New York City tomorrow (Wednesday) to tape a segment on the Rachael Ray Show! Oh, baby! We're not sure when it'll air, but stay tuned for more news...



JT said...

Oh My Gosh, Congrats, congrats, and more congrats.

Have fun in the Big Apple(And be safe).

Tell Rachel Ray hi for me, I'm sure she'll know just who you're talking about. (Because I'm so well known and what not.)

Best wishes!


JennyMac said...


You're in New York City?!
I live near!!
I wish you guys can do a signing here!!
I really want to meet you and Kristen!

(So acting like a fangirl)


But congrats on being on the show!
And yeah, be safe!
I'm sure you guys will have fun.

Blessed Be

Unknown said...

Well congratulations Cast family. I know you guys with have fun. I love Rachel Ray. Since she was at the Food Network. And I love her show, I watch it every time I get a chance to. I sure hope that I can watch when you guys are on the show.

Once again, congratulations. I guess you guys are getting famous by the minute, lol. Please don't forget us, your fans from Puerto Rico and everywhere else.

Love, peace and blessings to you all.


Anonymous said...

haha just spreading the luv around

zoey knight said...

in what book does zoey story or point of view gonna end

H said...

Your books are fantastic. I enjoy your style of writing so much (I am 25 years old and love the HoN series!). You and your daughter are very lucky to be able to write together! Keep the wonderful fantasies coming!

Unknown said...

That's awesome!! I love her show!! Have fun! ♥

Simply_Dina said...

Like can't you guys stay for a signing? I HEART H.O.N seriously.. I've already finished hunted yesterday and i just bought it.. i don't think ill make it until TEMPTED comes out lol seriously though you guys should stay and do a signing show some love to the NY Fans. <3 Starks Wife M.C <3
I hope you guys stay safe and have fun... Blessed Be!
{YOU can have Erik but I want Stark} lmao

PC Cast said...

NYC was fun, as always, but we really didn't have time for anything except taping the show (I'll let you guys know when it will air when I know), and meeting with our lovely publishing team. No signings or anything.

Zoey Knight - I already answered your question when you asked it earlier.

Saria Hansen said...

When is this particular episode supposed to air on TV?

PC Cast said...

Hi Saria - we don't know the date yet. I'll be sure to post it, though. We do know we'll be on Good Morning America May 27th or 28th. Again, I'll post specifics when I know them!


PC Cast said...

Oh, just found out - the Rachael Ray Show we taped will be on April 20th. Watch and let me know how it goes...I can't watch myself on TV...gack!

HoN series lover said...