Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Final Video - Zoey!

Only seven more days until HUNTED!


JennyMac said...


P.C. I can't wait til Hunted comes out!! Seeing this last video pump me up!! Can't Wait!!

Can I ask? What song that is? I love it so much.

Blessed Be


PC Cast said...

I don't know the names of the songs or the artists (though I really like them all!), but I bet if you google the lyrics you can find them. Let me know if you do!

Unknown said...

Wow, I received the email of this video, its describing the first chapter, her dreaming and the monster after her.

The music is beautiful.
I can't wait for the book. Is there a date for the next YouTube interview? It has to be soon, it has to be,

Libby said...

OMG! This just made me want Hunted to come out faster! ;D
I love the House of Night.
Thank You P.C and Kristin.
I support The House of Night. so I have a blog.

Blessed Be!


PC Cast said...

Interviews: I was interviewed this morning by USA Today - don't know when it'll be out, though. Tomorrow Kristin and I will be interviewed by Justine magazine, and we're doing an audio book interview next week. No plans for a utube video at this time. If we do one I'll post it on my blog, though.

Anonymous said...

awesomeness video-ified! Love it!

SpiderMonkey03 said...
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SpiderMonkey03 said...

I once heard that the house of night would be a nine book series. Is this true?

Staci shWilliams said...

I had the craziest experience while anxiously waiting to get Hunted on March 10th...I found it randomly on February 28th at Walmart! Did you guys do a limited early release or anything of that nature? I've already finished it...and of course loved it...but am completely confused by how I in fact got it so early!!! Any light to shed on the matter?

tallie marie said...

Hunted came out early!! Yay! Oh, I found a typo. It says "Steve Rae" I busted out laughing. No offense, it's just kinda funny.

SlylyAnnonymous said...

this comment is likely to be deleted, ignored, laughed at, or all of the above, sorry im not very hopeful b/c ive been turned down a few times already, ill feel stupid for doing this but you never know untill you jump right? i love your books, i really want to be an author, im in 8th grade and for an english assignment we must make a "resume" then chose a career, finally we must interveiw an actual person who has our desired career. u really would love to be an author, ive read every book about publishing and writing since before i could walk, so heres my question: can i have an interveiw please? its only fifteen questions or so long, i feel silly asking this but oh well, the interveiw would be over email, i know the answer is most likely a no, but you never know unless you try.
if you took the time to read this then thanks, bye

PC Cast said...

SpiderMonkey - Yes, we're planning at least 9 HoN novels.

Re: an early release - NO we did not release early. Several Walmarts messed up and put the books out when they arrived from the warehouse, versus when the giant red writing on the boxes said was the release date. Yes, we're very annoyed, but not at our fans. Those of you who found it early, just enjoy! Karma is not going to be good to those employees and stores that ignored the rules.

Secret Agent 009 - First, if you want to attempt a career in writing you need to get the basics right. Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. As I say in my blog on advice for aspiring authors, no one will take you seriously unless you can master the basics. Second - don't start out asking for something by denigrating yourself. Just make your request in a simple, well written fashion. Anything else is insulting. If you don't think your request is worth my time, then why should I (or anyone else)? Finally, yes, you may ask me FIVE questions. I only have time to answer five, and you need to do your research first and be sure I haven't already answered any of them on my sites or in interviews on the net. You also need to use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your questions. If you can do all that then you may email the five questions to: phyl@pccast.net. Best of luck to you.


Fox :::.... said...

I was at Walmart today and found Hunted! I was so surprized. Sorry they put it out early but I'm so enjoying the book. I'm half way threw and it's just amazing.

Blessed Be


Libby said...

Love the series.
I heard about the incident of the early release and post about it on my blog.
Thanks, Libiel.
If you would like to read what I informed the reader feel free to see.

Blessed Be!

Unknown said...

I received my book from Amazon today, and of course I started reading it. I won't be spoiling it to others but, I am sooo ready to discuss this book. I am shocked and soooo frustrated...
Is there any chat room to discuss freely to join others?

PC, thanks for making such wonderful book. The book didn't disappoint me, only the situations being there...

jenn said...

P.c. I have read all the book's and Hunted but I was wondering when the next one will come out I love them let me know!!!

kristin h said...

It only took me 4 days to read all of them just when I got started I could not seem to put them down.

Any heads up on when the next book will be coming out?

RLSbooklover said...

P.C. -
Do you know who played Zoey in these videos?
Also, I’m loving Hunted!! It’s even better then i imagined it would be!

RLSbooklover said...
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the_high_priestess said...

hey i just found the HoN books the other day and i have them ready allready i love them and all my friends have started reading them too, i cant belive there will 9 books im soooo happy :) and i love the fact that its you and your daughter has gotten together to write the books.

vanessaf said...

Is there going to be another book after hunted? Me and my sister love these books, excepecially the action that comes along with them. You can't just leave the ending hanging like that. There are so many unanswered questions.

vanessaf said...

Is there going to be another book after hunted? Me and my sister love these books, excepecially the action that comes along with them. You can't just leave the ending hanging like that. There are so many unanswered questions.

PC Cast said...

Of course there will be another book after HUNTED! Zoey's journey is far from over. TEMPTED will be out late Oct/early Nov.


Pink-Haired Gamer Girl said...

I absolutely love the HoN Series it is awesome! I live in Oklahoma so I absolutely love the fact that the story takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Is it true that there is going to be an HoN movie? That would be so awesome, and if so I hope that they actually film in Oklahoma.

I can't wait for Tempted!

I also wanted to reccomend http://www.goodreads.com/
to you P.C.

Candy8991 said...

will yall be making movies from the series of books i really hope yall do i love these book and i just finished hunted and im going to read them again so i really hope yall make movies out of the books!!!!
Blessed Be

greydragonlynx said...

I have tried to Google the Lyrics for your Video Hunted and I could not find anything. I also wish i knew what the song was and it's driving me crazy.

I do love your books. I picked the first one up at Borders in OKC and read it in a week and then I had to run to Waldenbooks to by the second one and a week later I bought the other 3 and I can not put them down.

I love your books more than I do Harry Potter, so please keep up the good work and I can not wait for book 6.

Goddess Bless,

Pernille said...

Hi PC.

I just watched your thoughts on who should play what in the HoN movie, and I mostly agree, especially concerning Tom Welling, Jonathan Rhys (yummy) and Jennifer Love Hewitt, but I'd love to see Hayden Panetierri as Aphrodite..

I just finished Hunted, and actually read all 5 books within three weeks - loved them, but now I'm thirsty for more.. :)

Thanks for keeping me busy, when my job as a teacher doesn't. ;)

Blessed Be

Pernille, Denmark

PC Cast said...

Hi Pernille,
Well, I haven't posted any video of who I think should play characters, so someone is pretending to be me, which isn't too unusual. I have said that I think of Tom Welling as I write Erik, but he's obviously too old to portray Erik in a movie...though that would certainly be cool with me!

My Fight With Chronic Illness said...

Greetings and Merry Meet!

I Just read all 5 books (took me 3 days to read them)!

I was ecstatic to find out that there are more to the series, as a lot of questions went unanswered. I described this feeling to my boyfriend as "watching a movie where the last 5 minutes are missing from the reel, and no matter where you go to watch it, the ending is cut off..." a VERY frustrating feeling. I love that the stories are more than just Vampyre stories, they are about people, humanity, magick (of all kinds) and emotion. I feel I can relate to most of the issues these kids face (well, not EXACTLY the same issues, but maybe something that could be metaphorically represented in the books, if that makes sense). Keep up the wonderful job you are doing. I watched the little video on who would be playing who (which is originally why I started to write this comment... and of course, got sidetracked.) Anyways. I think all are an excellent choice, though its ashame that most of those girls are around the same age, and aren't teens anymore.. ah well, but i know most are wonderful actors, and I hope like hell they do your stories justice.

Thank you for sharing your talents. You and your daughter have truly been blessed with a gift.

Blessed Be, and Merry Part.

My Fight With Chronic Illness said...

oh, wait, I just saw what you said about you not posting a video of who's playing who.. oops... guess my comment is null and void, oh well... if the rumors are true, i hope it works out... anyways, my complements still stand. Amazing work, and I look forward to reading more :)

ILoveStevieRae said...

I'm confused. Do the movies just start with untamed? Because i haven't seen any thing for the other books. but i am a big fan! my favorite vampyre has to be Stevie Rae and Erin and Erik. But all the guys in the yearbook on the website look way different then i pictured them. Except for James Stark.Also are you going to make more of the series after Tempted??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO!!

PC Cast said...

Well, there aren't any "movies," just book trailers and, yes, they were only for UNTAMED and HUNTED. I discuss more books in my blog posts but, yes, there will definitely be more.

ILoveStevieRae said...

i think that kinda weird. i think that it should have started with Marked and followed it all the way through. because for people that haven't read the books (not me i have read them all) but want to or read Untamed yet they would get the books spoiled!

PC Cast said...

I don't think the trailers are any bigger spoilers than if someone picked up one of the later books and read the back copy.

ILoveStevieRae said...

hey P.C. i really need to know if you know when the soon to be movies will come out!

p.s.(this is to my last comment) i agree with you but i still think it should start with the 1st book.

PC Cast said...

The only movie news I have is posted under the movie questions blog.

ILoveStevieRae said...

i also wish the models could be the real actors/actress. Because there basically what i pictured in my mind when reading these really really good books. I hope i'm not bothering you with all of these questions and stuff like this.

Meagan45 said...

Love love love the books on hooked can't wait for tempted! Keep up the awesome writing and lets all hope they become movies :)

Unknown said...

dear ms cast
i love ur series i never read anything like it my friend told me to read it and when i did it was the best book ever and i could not put it down i was wondering if u got my e mail on gmail and if i could be in one of ur books evil or good big part or not please i would love you so much i will try 2 email u agien so do not deleat it

PC Cast said...

ps I loath u - I can't put you in my books. I don't know you.

Jenna said...

Oh my gosh!! I love your HON books!!
Now I know you can't give me much information but I was wondering if you could tell me anything you can about the guy on the website who plays Stark?

thanks ;)

Danii_xox said...

Heey my names Danielle
I'm quater of the way through you're book and carn't seem to put it down! You're a brilliant Authour!! I can not wait 'til Awakened... I hope some stuff go right for the gang.... I was just wondering... Can Zoey trust Aphrodite? I mean I know she believes she can but Can she really? oh and also I'm curiouse will Zoey ever fall for just one guy? and will that guy be Stark?


Insaney_Amie said...


i was wondering when the auditions will start and where they will be held? I adore your books and think they would be awesome to act out

thank you

Books and Series said...

This Tara girl is perfect for Zoey. Good choice ;) I loved her and all of the other characters. Specialy Stark.

Good luck ;)