Wednesday, January 21, 2015


He has a name! Please welcome Tiberius to the Cast household. As you can see, he is beautiful AND fearless (and he is 'helping' me write along with my Warrior, who is baffled by how brave Tiberius is). Oh, and for those of you worried about the shepherd and the cat - Badger (my German Shedder) is absolutely not animal aggressive. Eat a person - yep! Eat a dog or cat - no way! Longtime fans may wonder where my Scottie, Cammyman is...well, he doesn't like cats. My giant male, Patchy Poo the Pud, taught him to keep his distance, and even though Patches has been frolicking with the Goddess for four years, Cammyman remembers and prefers to help me write from the other side of my treaddesk! Back to working on my new book! XXXOOO p.s. As I posted this the theme for Star Trek stared playing on my Pandora station! A definite sign Tiberius is the right name!


Critica said...

Awh! What a unique name! :) Your pets are all so cute!

Sarah L said...

That is a totally adorable name and definatkly suits him xoxoxo

oneluckydoginc said...

Love love dogs - yours are so sweet looking - I have 3 Shih Tzus :Tucker , Scarlett and Keats (named for the poet ) -sorry , allergic to cats -
Xo Katie

Reay Marie said...

I want a German Shepard and a cat....awwww there so cute ^^