Friday, December 12, 2014

Movies ruin books? Nah!

With all the HoN movie discussions I feel compelled to write this post. Movies are movies. Books are books. A movie can do not one damn thing to a book. Nadda. Zip. Nothing. Book readers envision their own wonderful, miraculous, intricate versions of what a writer brings to life through her/his words. Writers weave their own kind of magick, casting a spell on their readers and taking them to worlds the authors create. No producer, screenwriter, director, or actor can touch the book they are attempting to adapt to an utterly different medium whereby only one version of what millions (in the case of HoN more than twenty million - THANK YOU HON FANS!) of different readers have been "seeing" in their imaginations. No movie can ruin the Nerd Herd we love! Or our batshit crazy Neferet! Or yummy Kalona, Darius, Rephaim (happy sigh), Travis and his Bonnie, Nala, Dutchess, Skylar, Grandma Redbird, etc. They will always live in your imaginations just as you envisioned them as you were reading the books. On film you may or may not enjoy a different version of the House of Night, but IT WILL BE DIFFERENT THAN WHAT EACH OF YOU IMAGINED IN YOUR MINDS. That's okay! That's an adventure! So, the series has been optioned for film by Samuel Hadida at Davis Films. I had my choice of producers, and chose Samuel because of his vision and enthusiasm for HoN, and for his desire to please my fans. The screenwriter is the utterly fabulous Marc Haimes. I have collaborated with Marc on the script for the first movie and it is awesomesauce. Everything else is up to Mr. Hadida. If you want to influence how, when, and if the movie(s) are made, tell him by posting on his Facebook page! Thank you for your passion for the House of Night. Kristin Cast and I heart our fans and wish you the brightest of blessings and love...always love! XXXOOOPC


Julie Saldierna said...

I think, that the director should make the movie exactly the same as the book(s). For the movie to like the book. The way I pictured it, and the way many others did too.
P.S.I really enjoy reading your books. They really fascinate me. And please don't stop writing books The House of Night. I may be really young but I love to read, especially your books!

*Escapist* said...

I don't think that movies can ruin books, because they have nothing to do with the original author. But they can partially change the way you see a certain book, especially the characters! After you have seen them on screen with "real people" impersonating them it's hard to go back to the previous image you had of them, in my opinion.

This said, I can't wait for the HoN movie to be done! I am looking forward to anything that relates to one of you amazing works :)

One of your twenty million fans,


Brian Anderson said...

Hello, P.C.
I am an aspiring filmmaking and I really got deep into the HoN series. I can't wait to see the cinematic interpretation of your books, but I wish I had the chance to try my hand at adapting your books into screenplays. I believe the best person to turn your books into movies would be someone who had read the series, understand the characters and the story, is a true fan of the series and will give it the justice it deserves. I would love your blessings to submit to you how I would script your novels. If you agree, you can contact via email at

A loyal HoN fan,

PC Cast said...

Brian, I agree with you completely and you just described our screenwriter, Marc Haimes. He's an avid fan and has read all of the books, novellas, graphic novel, etc. I couldn't be more pleased with him. Sounds like you're on the road to being an excellent screenwriter. I wish you the best of luck!


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, P.C.
I have been a fan of the HoN series ever since Marked was first released. While I was at the library today, I found myself taking out Marked, wishing to read the series again for the umpteenth time. As I started to read, a few questions resurfaced in my mind, such as, "When will casting be for the movie, if it has not taken place already? Will auditions be open to the public?" I have just wondered, as many other fans have, if I would have a chance at possibly auditioning for a role.
I look forward to the future writing you have in store for us!
If by any chance you wish to contact me, my email address is
Thank you for your time!

Yours truly,

Katherine Williams said...

I too would be interested in knowing when and if casting is open.
I am a theatre major and would love a chance. Even if not, it would be interesting to know when they're done to see who's who.

Katie Williams.

EricaS. said...

Any more updated news on the HON movie?

Autumn Bryant said...


vaishnavi radhakrishnan said...

Please release the cat list or the audition details!!

vaishnavi radhakrishnan said...


Mariah Nieto said...

Hello P.C, my name is Mariah, my mom and I have read all of your HoN books and we were very excited to watch the movies. But my mom passed away last month and now I will not have the pleasure of watching these amazing books come to life with her. I am an aspiring fiction writer, and I would love for one day to become as successful as you and your daughter.

With love,
Mariah Nieto

Courtney Mayer-Kilgore said...

I love your books. Thank you so much for writing them. Whenever I read any book, whoever it is by, especially if I really like it, it is my way of escaping, I have always wanted to write myself, but wouldn't know the first thing on how to go about getting them published. Anyways, ppoint is, LOVE HoN, and the way you write. Your voice is AWESOME!

Danielle Cope said...

I love these books. I have just been wanting to know more on the movie situation. if the movie is supposed to be released this year, we should know something, like the cast at least. Did it get put on hold? Please let us all know, we're dying for answers

PC Cast said...

Danielle, as I said in the post our producer, Samuel Hadida, is responsible for moving ahead with the movie(s). I will post news as he releases it. If I haven't posted he hasn't released news. Davis Films does have a Facebook page you can comment on.

stephanie privitera said...

When will the trailer be on t.v because me and my friends want to see it. I hope is is amazing as the books.

EricaS. said...

Maybe look into getting a lawyer and getting your rights back(has been done before) because the way it's looking Davis films and Samuel don't seem to enthralled by keeping their 2015 release date. Maybe try finding someone who actually wants to make the movie adaptation.
Many have posted to their facebook with no success.

marti basson said...

Heya PC! I firstly want to thank you and Kristin for the awesomeness and magick you have created in the HON books. I heart you!
Then secondly I just want to thank you for bringing this up. This topic has been a debate with me and my friends for a time. But not only my friends. You see I work in a dvd store so alot of my customers has asked me one question. book or movie? I say both. My reason is: every person on this planet is different and I would imagine everyone thinks/feel/imagine thing differently. So it goes without saying that we would imagine the magick inside of a book differently. So my point is you can't jugde a movie in the same contexts as a book cause the directors/ screen writer/ actors is not you. They are different and they're showing us a piece of their imagination and magick.
So I just want to say I can't wait to see their magick

Kaylee Boling said...

Hey, P.C.
This movie news has got me PUMPED! I've been addicted to the House of Night ever since it came out, but of course my mom thought I was too young to read the books then. But I've always had this strange connection to this series and then I finally read them and I fell in love! I can't wait to see who they cast for the "Nerd Herd". I am also an inspiring actress in college and would love to know when casting will happen and where it would take place. Even to be an extra on the movies to just get the experience would be such an honor. I have looked on Facebook for Davis Films and I didn't find the page. I would really appreciate to hear back from you, my email is I can't wait to hear more movie news!

An inspiring Nerd Herd groupie,

Unknown said...

I just started reading the HoN series about a month ago. I'm on the fifth book (Hunted) and my mom always has to hear me going on about the books. if you read this (I hope you do) I really enjoy your books! they make me see life so differentl . plus, I love reading, especially these book . my email is so pleaseeee email me sometime!

An adoring HoN fan,
Mary Lillian Henklr