Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cayman house open for your vacay! Oooooh!

As longtime fans know, I consider Grand Cayman Island a second home. Kristin and I have been going there for twenty years - back when we had to save our pennies to share a tiny hotel room for 4 days and eat sandwiches from Hurley's (Cayman grocery store). As the years passed, I purchased a lovely home on the beach in Cayman, and since then have spent lots of time there. I've been trying to remember how many books I finished while I was looking out at the turquoise Caribbean (and watching Cammy trying to swim to Jamaica), and I think the number is four! Anyway, I've been so busy that I don't get to Cayman as much as I would like to, so recently I decided to open my amazing home as a vacation rental. You guys can check it out through the Facebook link,, as well as through the AIRBNB link: If any of y'all go there for your holiday, post pictures! And enjoy - it's a paradise! Big wave to my Cayman friends at Books And Books! XXXOOO PC


Ang from Oz said...

I couldn't get either of the links to work. But hey, if I win the 10 million on lotto this Saturday I'll consider a lovely vacation there!!! :)

PC Cast said...

Hey there Ang! Sorry, you have to cut and paste the links to make them work. I'm crappy at figuring out how to get blogspot to do that for me…

Did you say you're sweltering in Oz? It's nasty cold in T-Town tonight! Burrrrr! (But a balmy 80 degrees in Cayman.)