Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 For more on REVEALED and to read the first two chapters, click here!


Marixa Sofia Ramirez Achaica said...

THnks! I love HON *.*
this is my fan page of the HON

Shandel Bingamon said...

Revealed is the best in the series so far! I am totally shocked and kind of upset about the ending. I don't think I can wait a year to find out how everything will get resolved!

Cacs S. said...

Hi PC,
So far I really love Revealed. I really love your books and I'm sad that the ending of the serie is so close. Let us know if you have any news for the movie! Since a month it seems like every girls of my school are reading The House of Night. Have fun finishing to write the last book.


Karla Trinidad said...

Hello PC,
I'd like to say that I really loved Revealed and I'd for like you to know that it was so hard to read this book. First because that means next year this book series will end,
Second I thought some many things would happen but didn't,
Third I felt really bad for some characters that I didn't want to feel bad for cause they are evil or I just don't want them hurt
Fourth the ending got me upset like Shandel that it hurts knowing that I have to wait a year to see if this is going to end happily or sadly.
Just I hope you have fun writing the last book and please don't make me cry anymore.


Ang from Oz said...

Yeah!! Revealed is finally out!! Now I just got to find time to read it!! So what's next after HON?? Dare I ask.... Ciara's Destiny?? Please!!!

Jane Doe said...

Reading it now! Almost finished, I'm sort of dreading it because I know I'll have to wait another year. Hope the last book is going well! Love your work!!

XOXO Jackie

Krystian Rodriguez said...

im starting to read Revealed it is soooo amazing i love it

Krystian Rodriguez said...

omg i feel bad for neferet but i hate and love her lol if that makes sense but yea its amazing im at the part where zoey is flipping out on shaylin and aphrodite but almost done yaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!