Friday, November 30, 2012

German tour! Oh boy!

We're having an awesome time in Germany! Here's a couple of quick pictures. One of the lovely actor who read aloud from HIDDEN in Berlin, and the other of our wonderful Hamburg fans who waited in line for us. We heart you! See you tonight in Cologne (and tomorrow in Nuremberg and Munich!). XXXOOO PC


vampire_angel said...

omg! i was born in wurzburg germany i hope u guys love my home country!!

Géraldine said...

Hello PC!

Great pictures, and great German fans! The tattoo is awesome!

I finished Hidden! What a cliffhanger! Can you imagine now how I am, not knowing what's gonna happen now? The spiders...oh creepy (but thanks for Grandma, I was anxious as you saw).
That was a great book, and like the Harry Potter's series, the tension grows, evil is growing too. Congrats, you know how to keep the suspense!


oh, and I just sent some French cats pictures!

Unknown said...

Hi PC,

I really loved meeting you and Kristin last friday in Cologne.
And I absolutely agree with Géraldine (who said 'I can tell you bloggers: these two ladies are just like you can imagine: funny, beautiful, kind and open to other people, smart..even more than you have in mind.')

I hope you enjoy(ed) Germany just as much as you enjoyed France.

XXX Belyse

Unknown said...

You should come to Portugal. Visit our land, mainly Algarve, Aveiro and Porto. Maybe try our Porto wine( which I have not tried, considering I AM a minor).
I know I would love to meet you and Kristin. And so would my friends, who are also your fans!

Forever your fan,