Thursday, July 26, 2012

The best YA books ever!

Guys, check this out! The HOUSE OF NIGHT series made the NPR list for the best YA books! You can go here and vote (sooooo many cool books on the list!):


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CandorGirl said...

Dear pc,
Awesome. I love your books and my dad just got your autograph for me when he was in Tulsa so I can't wait to get it. I love writing so I was wondering. How old where you when you started writing your first book that got published? Did you always know that you wanted to be an author? Lastly, is it ever hard for you to write a book? If you can please answer I'd love to hear from you. Thxs. :D

Unknown said...

No question House of Night is the best YA series

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PC Cast said...

Hi Nikki - I was in my late thirties when I wrote the first book that was published, but I wrote my first "book" in first grade. So, yes, I've always wanted to be an author, though I did other things while I was writing. I was in the Air Force and then an English teacher. I wrote all the while. YES. It is very hard to write a book, each and every time.

I have a blog post in the archives about advice for aspiring authors that will give you some starting points and guidance.

Best of luck to you!

Amber Terry said...

They are definitly the best YA books ever!! I can't wait for Hidden and I hope for some real amazing moments for Stevie Rae and Rephaim.. <3

Anyway, PC! I talked to Sherry Rowland and boy did I have a "ohmygoddness" moment when I saw she actually replied to ME. I talked with her about meeting you and how your schedule is crazy but she told me she would keep me updated if anything comes up for you to swing by Tennessee and meet me. [Not to mention she was totally in support of me auditioning <3]. I would be so honored and I think it'd be alot of help if you met me personally to be able to say "hey that's my stevie rae". You bet your bonkers I would be stevie rae'd out if you came to Tennessee just like I did for Susan when I visited her at her show. (: I hope you get a free spot!

Okay, sorry again for taking up your blog space, Hee. When casting starts, ma'am, you better keep a look out for me and pull me into that audition room. ;] Stevie Rae exists and her name is AMBER TERRY. Haha thanks again PC.

OHHH!!! I saw on my support page a fan of mine Britt gave you a picture of me and Sway at your last book signing in Tulsa! How cool! I hope it's hanging on your wall ;] you know.. to where Samuel can see it...

[If you reply to me again I will be so happy because last time was priceless. (:]


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