Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Childen's Choice Book Award Finalist!

OH BOY! Kristin and I are honored to announce that BURNED is a finalist in the Children's Choice Book Awards!

The complete list of YA finalists:

Teen Choice Book of the Year:

Burned (House of Night, Book 7) by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast (St. Martin’s Griffin/Macmillan)

Fang (A Maximum Ride Novel) by James Patterson (Little, Brown)

Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games) by Suzanne Collins (Scholastic Press)

Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) by Richelle Mead (Razorbill/Penguin)

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan (Dutton/Penguin)

We're super excited! What great books! Y'all can find out more and learn how to vote for your favorite at: http://www.cbcbooks.org

Congratulations to all of the finalists and thank you so much to those of you who helped put us on the list!



Eve S. D'ropper said...

Yay! Congrats!!! :D This is so exciting! Have you read any of the other books?

~Eve S. D'ropper (contest at my blog! Check it out! http://wordsfromthehallway.blogspot.com/2011/03/200th-post.html)

Kayegetsitright said...

Oh wow, those are very good books. Personally I LOVE Spirit Bound from Vampire Academy, it's such a good series and Richelle Mead is a brilliant author, althought the ending of the series I didn't like much, and of course Burned it a VERY good choice, I really think you have a good choice to win, In the end I think it'll be up to Burned and Spirit Bound. I would have nominated them both!

PC Cast said...

I haven't read any of the other books, though I am a fan of several of the other authors. I don't read YA while I'm writing it, which is why I have so many in my to be read pile!

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Ooh, that's a good decision.

~Eve S. D'ropper

remy_jedi said...

AWESOME! CONGRATS!! Cant say im surprised though, Burned is amazing ^^

Anonymous said...

Hey P.C. Cast! My name is Kayla Anderson and I'm a freshmen at SCHS (California). Currently in English, we're doing an I-search project, and I was wondering if I could interview you sometime within the next few weeks? For my project I'm am researching on how to become an author, as I already write short stories and poetry. :D I couldn't find your e-mail on your site so I hope you don't mind me just commenting here. Please write me back soon.

Thanks! ^-^

- Kayla

PC Cast said...

Hi Kayla,
I have an entire post in my blog archives dedicated to advice for aspiring author. Please go there for homework research.

Good Luck,

Valentina said...

Hi PC! First, congrats! Burned is really amazing. Second, I was surfing on the Net when I find some spoilers about Destined on Wikipedia. How is this possible? I mean, Destined is not finished, right?

PC Cast said...

Valentina - ignore Wikipedia. Anyone can post stuff on it. No, DESTINED is underway, but not written yet. I'm the only one who knows what's going to happen in it (and that will even change as I write). Wikipedia is NOT a good source for true information or research.


Valentina said...

Thank you, PC. You are right, Wikipedia is not a good source for true information. Anyway, I cannot wait until November!

Ang from Oz said...

Woot Woot! Yay for you guys! And I am not in the least surprised by this! Awesome book! Can't wait for July and "Dragon's Oath"!!! Its going to be great.

Marissa said...

I just voted for burned. Good luck!