Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Foreign Book Sale Update


Hi Guys,
We've reached the $500 mark on our sale of my foreign book copies, and all of that will go to Will Rogers High School and their English Department! Yea! Thank you so much!

I still have books left, so what I've decided to do is to donate the rest of the proceeds to the fabulous Tulsa organization, Street Cats! (Yes, it is a real cat rescue organization, but it's not run by nuns.) You can learn more about them through their website, www.streetcatstulsa.org.

So here's a list of the books I have left. It's probably easiest if you email my PA, Kat, through The Assistant Agency, if you'd like to purchase one: theassistantagency@gmail.com
Oh, yeah, Kristin and I have signed all of the books.

Marked-Mainland China

Betrayed-Mainland China

Chosen-Germany (audio)
Chosen-Mainland China

Untamed-S. Korea

Hunted-S. Korea

Divine By Choice-France
Divine By Mistake-Lithuania
Divine by Mistake-Spanish
Divine By Blood-Norway
Divine By Blood-France



I thank you, the kids thank you, and the cats thank you, too!



Kaity Annabel said...

WOW, you've definitely travelled a lot! I'm so jealous!

PC Cast said...

Kaity, I haven't been to all those countries - I just been published in all those languages.

Kaity Annabel said...

Oh... oops... :)

martinetk said...

I got a question for you:) is this book gonna be a movie? i hope so :)

Valentina said...

Hi PC, do you know the name of the song in the Awakened's trailer? And, if not, who could I ask? I'd like to know 'cause I really like that trailer! Hoping in a your answer.

PC Cast said...

Valentina - Nope, sorry. If they don't have it listed through the HoN website (houseofnightseries.com) then try googling the lyrics.


I'mDifferentButMe said...

For the sale, can you sell them to people from the UK too? Also, how much are they?

Miriã :D said...

Hi PC CAST. I'm Brazilian and I love your job . Congratulations.
Now I want to see House of Night in the cinemas and I being Zoey.
Please help-me

PC Cast said...

You'll have to contact The Assistant Agency (as I say in the post) about available titles and costs. Yes, they will ship out of the US, but you'll have to pay for it.

Miria - I deal with movie issues/questions in my blog archives. Please go there for information/updates.

Jazzie Carmen said...

Hi, i was just wondering, are there going to be any more fledgling handbooks or will it just be the one? I was reading it last night and its really cool :)

Jazzie xx

PC Cast said...

Jazzie - I do plan on more Fledgling Handbooks and have 4 more outlined, but right now don't have publication dates. I will post on my blog with updates and I know them.

remy_jedi said...

yay! More fledgling handbooks! :D

Also, Ive bought a french version of chosen ( my favorite book :D ) Cant wait for it to get here :D

Glad to hear that the proceeds will be going to Street Cats, i truly love cats ^^

Mariana said...

Hi, my name is Mariana, I am Brazilian and I wanted that would provide the books with his autograph in the Brazilian Portuguese language, it's very boring to live in Brazil because we never have a provision for foreign things and I'm fanatical that the House of Night I have to wait almost five months for a book that has already launched four months ago and the jewelry that I think has very cute here, and I would love to live here in Brazil because I guarantee you he has many fans here, but come to Sao Paulo I live to get easier, I'd love that could answer this message by my e-mail: mariana_tenten@hotmail.com, would jumping for joy if I answer ... I am the biggest fan of his saga are the best books I ever read!

Valentina said...

Ok, PC, it's again me, Monica. I don't want to seem a stage-five clinger (like Aphrodite would say), but I want to ask you a single, little thing that, I'm sure, will help a lot of fan. Will Stark have an important role in the next book? Hoping so.


Ang from Oz said...

I'd just like to say, what a awesome organization Street Cats is. Bravo!!

(Also how is Patchy Poo?) ;)

PC Cast said...

Mariana - huh?

Valentina - Stark's a major character so I'm saying yes to him being a major part of the next book, even though the book isn't written yet.

Ang - My fabulous Patchy Poo the Pud went to frolic with the Goddess on Samhain. It made me really sad, and I miss him a lot, but he was old and he had a magickal life. I'm hoping his little kitty soul is reborn and finds me again. Thank you for remembering him.

Miriã :D said...

I'm so glad by has spoken with you. You and Kristin are DIVAS.
Thanks for information every. Each time I admire you more. And I'll try be the Zoey.
And, again....Congratulations for your job <3

Ang from Oz said...

;( sorry to hear that PC. May he rest peacefully in the arms of the beloved Goddess Bast. It is my hope too that my beloved furry friend finds me again in his next life. Cats sure do leave paw prints on our hearts!

Mariana said...

Hi, I'm sorry if you do not understand what I said. I can not write in English so I used Google, but the only thing I wanted was that sent them autographed copies for you to Brazil, never had anything here in Brazil as books autographed by example. I just wondered if you can do this, send autographed books to another country
Ler foneticamente
Dicionário - Ver dicionário detalhado

Jazzie Carmen said...

oooh yay! thanks for answering my question Ms. Cast :-)

PC Cast said...

Mariana - yes, you can purchase the signed foreign copy books and have them shipped to you, but you must pay for the shipping. Contact The Assistant Agency for details.


Valentina said...

Ooooh, thank you for answering my question PC! You are the best. I'm really glad about Stark!


barbiegirl said...

Do you have a release date for the House of Night movie? I am a HUGE fan of your books!

PC Cast said...

Barbie - I post movie news under the archive movie post.


Eve S. D'ropper said...

Wow! I'm so glad you...
1) have a blog (why didn't I check sooner? ha!)
2) care enough to respond to people's comments (so nice!)
3) have cool pictures of everyone from Zoey to even Jack and (of course) the rockin' Twins (one of the best parts of the series) in the yearbook on your site! Will there be pictures of staff members at any point? I'd love to see Neferet and a certain Poet Laureate! :D
4) are published in so many languages--congrats!
and, most especially, 5) donate the profits from your books to great causes like schools' English departments! That, I think, is my writer's dream (besides getting a book published)...earning money off of my books, enough that I can donate to charities and awesome causes! So cool!

Thanks for putting up with my super-long comment! :D Can't wait to keep checking in on your blog! :)

~Eve S. D'ropper, of http://wordsfromthehallway.blogspot.com

CaptainCabinets said...

Hello PC ^_^

I leant a few of your books to a friend of mine and they have REALLY inspired us both, and my friend is a song writer and she wrote a song about the women in your books. If you'd like you could have a look at it, because I know she would LOVE to hear that you listened to her song =D


Thank you VERY much, not just from her but from me. Your books have empowered me.

Heather xxx

Josefutureauthor said...

P.C. i was wanting to know if after i finish my novella if you could maybe read it and if you like it suggest me to your agent.? My name is José Pineda and my email is jose.pineda36@yahoo.com.. I was also wanting to ask if it was ok with you if I write a book about Nyx (or rather an unamed goddess of night)and the beautiful face tattoos or if they were copyrighted things that if used could send me to jail. But that is all i wanted to ask and im new to this Blogspot thing so this was like the only way i knew that i could comment and that you would possibly see it please comment back. Oh, and by the waay how many house of night novel are you going to write? well later Love the Novels -José

PC Cast said...

Jose - I have an entire blog post dedicated to advice for aspiring authors. You can find it in my archives. Go there.

Best of luck to you,

MMP19 said...

I'm so excited about the next book of HON honestly it's the best series I've ever read and trust me when I say I'm an avid reader

Josefutureauthor said...

PC- Thank you, I will definitly read it.

You are the coolest.

friends said...

i have read all the HoN series including the newest one awakened and i just wanted to say that i loved then and i am waiting for the next book already these books aren't just for young adults im 46 aqnd i love books about vampires and i have read all of your books keep on writing

remy_jedi said...

AHHH! :D My Choisie book arrived yesterday! :D YAY!!!
The french version is a bit different, some things are lost in translation (of course) but I'm really enjoying it :D
AND its signed! :O ^^ so cool :D

Hope to hear more some new news about whats going on soon ^^
Take care! :D

Amanda said...

How much are the books? And are they even still available? I really want one and I don't even care which language it's in haha!
I just emailed your PA.. so yeah! :)

Levi Langdale said...

yay i just got marked germany! i just hope i can someday see you so you could sign my english version. :)

Cecilie Anine said...

Hi.. I tried to buy one of the signed books, and as you said i wrote an email to the mailaddress theassistantagency@gmail.com
But i never got an answer.
Is it to late, or what should i do?


PC Cast said...

Cecilie - the sale ended March 15th. I will do this annually, so keep checking my blog for the next charity sale.