Sunday, January 30, 2011


Check out the interview I gave to the very cool Lambda Literary site. You can find it at:



Wee Shubba said...

I know you are a very very busy lady. but i figure if you don't ask you dont get.

I recently went to you book signing in glasgow and you kindly signed a copy of marked and donated a dark daughters necklace for a blog giveaway. I was wondering if have time if you would be willing to do a guest post for my blog we are all huge fans and it would just be a special treat.

I honestly understand that you will be swapped with work.

here is my blog:

Didoo said...

I read the interview and I'd like to think that this will matter somehow. Your words were perfect.

I translate it in French for the fans 'cause I think no matter the country the issues stay the same.

I know you don't do French but if you want to take a look at it here's the link :

Take care, looking forward to Dragon's Oath and Destined.



PC Cast said...

Hi Siobhan - sure I'll guest post for you. Just send five questions (that I haven't already answered on my sites) to my PA, Camden, at She'll forward them to me, and then get the answers back to you.


Wee Shubba said...

Thanks so much!!

Now to think of questions that people haven't already ask you mmm........... lol.

Jess said...

PC this is sooo awesome!! I really love that you care about this stuff - when my friends all read that interview they'll love hearing that an author/teacher has such a strong positive outlook on LGBT teens!! Yay!! You're such a great role model :) xoxo

Renato Klisman said...

VocĂȘ aceita realizar uma entrevista para o meu blog de House of Night no Brasil (

PC Cast said...

Sorry, Renato. Don't have a clue what you're asking. Can someone translate for me??


Valentina said...

Hey, PC, I study spanish and I will translate.
"Do you agree to do an interview for my House of Night's blog?"
Hope that this help.


PC Cast said...

Yea Valentina! Thank you for translating! Would you please post in and tell Renato that she needs to contact my publicist, Katy Hershberger, at with interview requests.
Again, thank you!

Valentina said...

"PC dice que tienes que ponerte en contacto con su publicista Katy Hershberger en
con la solicitud de una entrevista"
And my teacher says that I'm hopeless at spanish...bah. Hope that this help again PC!

PC Cast said...

Thanks Valentina - your Spanish has to be better than mine!

Valentina said...

No problem PC, is really funny translate. If you need other translations into French or Spanish tell me. LoL

snowstorm said...

you need to have them make a movie