Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kristin's release date!

Ooooh! Today the anthology of YA stories that Kristin's leading, KISSES FROM HELL, is being released! I'm so proud of the piece she has in it, ABOVE. It's a completely new take on the vampire mythos. I think her idea is fresh and her writing is unique and interesting. Check it out and you'll see how different our voices are.

And, yes, I'm very pleased to announce that Kristin is currently working on the first book in her own series based on the world and characters from ABOVE.

Happy reading!


Jana Oliver said...

This is so cool! Go Kristin!

Hayden said...

Congratulations to Kristin for starting her own series! I can't wait to read it. I'm picking up KISSES FROM HELL today at WalMart. :) I'm so excited! I loved AMBER SMOKE in the IMMORTAL anthology, and can't wait to read ABOVE!
Is the ETERNAL anthology official? If so, do you know which authors will be in it?

iloveHON ;) said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! it looks great! you must be a proud mum P.C!
is it going to be on sale in the UK?
thanks xx

Amber x

Dimtris said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this book. And I'm so excited about Kristin's book series. =D

Greetings from Greece!

Ang from Oz said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats to Kristin! ;)

stevie rae said...

wow!too good ya!! :)I can't wait this one!! :D go kristin!!

Sara Oliveira said...

Great news for kristin im so glad!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kristin!!! I look forward to reading your first book!

PC Cast said...

Hey Ang - Kristin and I just said YES to an Oz tour for 2011! They're getting details ironed out right now, but it looks like it'll be Oct/Nov next year. I'll post as soon as I know cities. Oh baby!

Kelly Renée said...

Hey, that's awesome! You must be so proud. Writer mother writer daughter.

I wish her good luck with her new series!

Jess said...

I can't wait to read it!! It comes out in another month's time in England :( but I'm definitely getting it then!! It's out on my best friend's birthday so I'm going to get it for her too!!
Yay Kristin!!

Domonique said...

That is fangtastic for Kristen.I can't wait to read the book.You must be proud Mama Vamp.

Laurentian Services said...

Hi P.C. Cast,

You're books are really awsome and inspiring. I would really like to meet you soon. I too am well I want to be a writer. I was wondering if you could give me tips on becoming a good writer or maybe help me coming with some ideals. Good luck with the new house of night book: Awaken.,

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PC Cast said...

India, I have an entire post in my archives on advice for aspiring authors.

Happy reading and good luck to you,

Gary Schubert II said...

Ms Cast congratz on finishing the HON handbook and Kristin Congratz on the new book all ready on order..:) My Cusin just left for Afganistain so i sent him the books.. heck they last thoru my tour.. hope all is well sence our last chat... blessed be


one year back from iraq!!!!!!