Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I'm in the Caribbean working hard on AWAKENED and Seoras and some friends surprised me with a Scottish/Irish/Lithuanian 4th of July celebration! It wasn't exactly "safe," but it was fun!

Hope you had a happy 4th!

p.s. No, it's not cold here, but it's been raining for a week and the mosquitoes are awful! That's why the weird clothing.


HaleyHON said...

Happy Canada day 3 days ago! =P

Beth Blair said...

That is awesome, glad you had the break in writing for something that looks like it was a blast.

Now, not to be the taskmaster or anything... but get back to it. ;)

mean mom productions said...

OMG its sounds like fun! Explain the difference between the three cultures?

PC Cast said...

Beth: heehees (and I'd already written that day)

It was just a joke about the combined nation 4th - we're (the US) the only ones with a 4th of July celebration, but I have Scottish and Irish and Lithuanian friends who joined in.

Chloe said...

Looks like you're having an excellent time! I hate to bother you on your blog, but I can't find an email address to contact you on!

I am a 16 year old from Iowa. I am doing an auction of vampire items from many different fandoms. Right now I have cast members from The Vampire Diaries and Twilight who are participating in the auction. It will be online and all of the proceeds will go directly to to help with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I have a Vampire Diaries script signed, and a Twilight poster as well as MANY other signed items. I was wondering if you would be willing to contribute a signed book? If not I completely understand. If you need to contact me, my email address is: To find out more info on the auction you can visit our official blog.

Thank you for your time! Enjoy your break from writing!


Anonymous said...

Hey P.C., I really like HoN, and I have already started to read it a second time.
Me and my friend have opened a forum about this series
But probably you don't understand it, because it's not in English.
Good luck and I can not wait for Awakened!

Xx...Katie...xX said...

wow pc! looks lovely there! im jelous!I want to go there!! you are soo lucky! i hope you have a brillo time :DD by the way, have you found out when you are going to come to the UK? i know you're busy with awakened :DDD

~LoveHouseOfNight~ said...

Hi P.C,

I'm in love with the HoN books so much I was close to tears when I found out that we had to wait so long for the next book. I've just this second finished BURNED and thought it was absolutly by far the best book I've read, the whole series is fantastic and I wish it could be a neverending series kind of like Harry Potter.

I hope you carry on with the breath taking books you are writing, I've got a bad obsession with the HoN books and started crying when I finished BURNED!

So, carry on writing 'BURNED' I'm soo excited for it's release.... Bring on January the 4th!!

~ From your No. 1# fan of the House of Night books... ~LoveHouseOfNight~

~LoveHouseOfNight~ said...

Sorry I ment carry on writing 'AWAKENED'

hon lover said...

Hi Mrs. Cast!

I absolutely love your books. I am a Harry Potter fanatic and I never thought I would find a book series that I love just as much as that series so I was so happy when I discovered your books!
Can't wait for Awakened! (I read Burned in one day) I wanted to ask you a question. I know that you have no control over the touring scheduals, but I was wondering if you could ask the people who take care of that if they could let you come to Seattle for a tour. . . You're my favorite author and I really would like to meet you. . . Most of the time you go too far away from Yakima and I'm not able to come. Thanks. =)

Unknown said...

I am a huge HoN fan and that sent me searching for more of your books and that led me to Elphame's Choice and Brighid's Quest and I absolutely fell in love with Parthalon and all of its inhabitants. So what now? Is there something after Brighid's Quest? I am anxiously awaiting to find out what happens next and don't know where to look for it! I was searching in your blogs for some sort of hint and saw that Ciara's Destiny was next but I can't find it. Should I read the Divine Series next? And I have to say thank you for giving me somewhere to travel during the hot summer months!!

PC Cast said...

HoN lover - we were just in Seattle a tour ago. The truth is we really don't have a say in where we go (although I can say I don't want to go somewhere). It's all about numbers and which bookstores have proven to be the best for touring.

Hi Ashley - Yes! As long as you understand the Divine books are adult and not YA, they would be your next read. You can't find anything on Ciara's Destiny because it's not contracted to be written yet. I do have it in my head, and I'd love to write it. Finding time is the problem. I'll post updates about that on my blog.

Happy reading!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Ms. Cast! I hope that Ciara's Destiny will make it onto pages for us addicts.. hehe. I'm 23 and still enjoy reading YA. What can I say? I like what I like no matter how old I am, and a good story is one worth reading regardless of the reading level. Thanks for your help and for sharing your talent with the world :) I anxiously look forward to your upcoming works (and Kristen's)!

A_Lafont_Lurver said...

The self-lit fireworks are always the best!

Moji said...

Hi, my friend who doesn't have Blogger account asked me to post a comment here.


Happy (belated) 4th of July!
That looked like fun.

I'm a HoN fan too and I'm reading Burned right now. This one takes me quite a long time to read because of some of the Scottish in the book (and English is not my first language, to start with) Anyway, the book is awesome. I'll finish it soon and I'll be waiting for Awaken :)

Thank you for your Excellent work!

btw. I came across the word "caoinic shi" and just curious, how to pronounce it?


Lyppeh said...

PC, honey, I'm from Brazil and I LO-VE! HoN, so I want to know something, if one day you might be interested in speaking here on the blog, you have already chosen someone to live Zoey? .. do not think Vanessa Hudgens is the face of it?

Taylor S said...
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Taylor S said...

When is Awakened supposed to come out? Also, is there going to be another book after AWAKENED?

Unknown said...

OMG. it's so cool that you were with lithuanian friends. ('cause i'm from Lithuania too) :)
i also can't wait to read Awakened!
good luck for you.;)

Unknown said...


P.C., I wanted to ask about the HoN series. I heard rumors that there is going to be another Zoey love- interest. (Not Stark. I already know about him.) It's been bothering me because I'm kind of on Team Stark... hehe, so is there going to be another guy? I hope there isn't. :)

PC Cast said...

Alexa - don't listen to rumors. I don't even know about another Zoey love interest. Jeesh.

Xx...Katie...xX said...

HI PC!:)
i just wanted to ask..when are you going to be coming to the UK? cause i read in your previous blogs that you said you were going to be coming over to the UK in the late summer? do you have any ideas around what sort of time this'll be?
Thanks PC!
From Katie :)

VampireKittyFk2116 said...

Hi P.C Cast and Kristin Cast i was just wondering what is the time period in Betrayed 2(House Of Night Novel) is?

Emily_8 said...

Ummm...Mrs.Cast I was wondering if you thought all the charcters that are going to be in the movie look like how you imagined them? Because I didn't imagine Erik like that at all or Damien. I don't know why I'm telling you I know you cant do anything about it. I was just wondering...

PC Cast said...

Katie - don't know when we'll be back to the UK. Right now I'm in the middle of my AWAKENED deadline and not thinking about much else except getting the book done on time. I will post on my blog tour info when I get it though.

VampireKitty - if you're asking how many days pass during the events of BETRAYED, I don't remember. About a week is my guess.

Emily - I answer movie questions in my movie blog post.

Zoey "stark" cullen x salvatore said...

OMG! HoN Is doing really good! but please please please can youput the first paragraph of aeakened up because i have to read the fanfiction ones that isnt even good to keep me okupied otherwise i will die of bordesom. ur an excellent writer and i think you should stick to wat your good at. also house of night should be a t.v nt a movie cuz then it will sucj like twilight did and if u do a tv show it will become like vampire diaries or true blood and you will be successful (nt tht u r nt) but it will be better or us, the fans, and you. My name is Rima and i live in London, UK thanksss