Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Starbucks at Utica Square

Well I was over at Starbucks the other day and thought I'd snap a couple quick pictures of it because this is the Starbucks at Utica Square - the one Zoey saw Heath at in BETRAYED, and where she had her birthmas cake with Grandma Redbird and her horrid mother. They're not great pictures and it doesn't do the store justice - it really is pretty. But here ya go! If it ever stops raining I'll run over to the real Tulsa Depot (which is now renovated and lovey as the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame) and post pictures from there, too.

Almost done with TEMPTED...yea!



Dustanne said...

I just realized today chatting with a friend that I don't have Hunted...eeeek!!!!!

I was telling her that she should read the House of Night series as it is as it says 'highly addictive' and wow, I must go out TODAY and get it :o)

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful talent of yours with us readers. It is amazing and wonderful!!!!

I can't wait for Tempted to be out as well, as when I finish a book I am always sad till I can get my hands on the next :o)

thanks again!!!!

Army Ryan said...

Just wanted to say thanks again for bringing the books more to life. Can't wait to see the Depot. My daughter is writing a book. OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe how good it is. She makes you feel like the character. This is only her 1st draft. She's 12 chapters done. And is anticipating it to be a series also. Just had to share. Glad to hear your almost done with it. Tuddles:)

Lexie.(: said...
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Donna Jo said...

That's awesome. These pictures help make me more a part of the story.. like I'm there watching all of it happen. Can't wait for the other pics. And Tempted!! My sis told me about the books, said I might like them. I read all 5 in a week. Read chosen in ONE day! Amazing job you guys!

JennyMac said...


If I ever go there XD.


Hope everything is well P.C.!

Say hi to Kristen!

Blessed Be

tina werner said...

so cool that you are bring the story to life with those pictures!

i read the first 5 house of night books in less than 2 weeks and now i can hardly wait until tempted comes out! please keep'em coming!!!

PC Cast said...

Lexie - my birthday is April 30th and I am single. You're welcome for the 100%.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Starbucks. Yum.

Ang from Oz said...

Hey PC,

You never guess!! I walked into Kmart the other day and what did I find? All the HON books up on display next to Stephanie Meyers twilight books!! How Awesome!!

Thanks for the pics, it gives us readers more of an insight to the books I think.

Congrats with the progress of Tempted!! And glad its going well!

carla said...

it's good to see the inspiration of your work...(big smile) makes zoey's world seem real.

....oh how i wish it was...

......Blessed be :)

DSABuddies said...

awesomee, nice, hey sorry that I haven't been commenting for quite a while now, i have been caught up in writing my own little world :) So PC, i think that soon, there will be hundreds of people commenting here, soo i dnt think we will all be able to talk to you much. I am really impressed with your series, at the nearby Borders, where they had the Twilight Series next to the Harry Potter series, in the middle was the HoN series. It just shows how big ur getting. I think that it's just awesome that I actually get to "talk" to one of my favorite authors even though she is becoming a mega hit! sooo, i wanted to ask you, Like, Do you think up a plan, like an outline, for what's gonna happen to Zoey in your nineology and if you do, do you sometimes change your mind and decide to change your outline because you think that the story could be better of you did? Thanks, and you totally rok my socks im gna add you on facebook "ricky d." I am going to make a fan page for your series, or try ;)

DSABuddies said...

OOOH i forgot.. are you having a lot of fun on this series? does it make you and your daughter spend more time together?

JennyMac said...




Blessed Be

PC Cast said...

HI DSA - I do have a basic plot arc in mind for the series, but I allow it to change as the characters evolve. I wouldn't recommend being so fluid in your writing unless you're an experienced author, though. Keep in mind I'm writing my 21st published book right now. What works for me doesn't necessarily work for new writers.

Thank you JennyMac - yep, it is my birthday.

Airis said...

Do you know when will we be able to see the tempted cover?

So, your birthday was yesterday!

ashleybear said...

Very excited for Tempted to come out! My three good friends who run with me are stoked! Although, it is being release on my hubby's birthday, so I won't get any reading done on the release date. Poo.

Thanks for the pictures PC! Utica Square really is beautiful. It looks very serene.

D said...

Happy Belated BDay P.C!! I have been a fan of your Divine Trilogy for ages, and a friend of mine just got me started on the House of Night series, and I love it! I'd like to put everything aside and just read, but since I'm a grad student, and work 3 jobs that's sadly not going to happen :o( Thanks for the pics - It's great to see the places that inspire you and are in the books.

Just a quick comment on the blog layout, while I love the flowers they overshadow the pics and make them hard to see. At first I thought it was a reflection from a window, but then realized it was the layout :o( Hope that's helpful!

PC Cast said...

Airis - I don't know when St. Martin's is releasing the cover to TEMPTED. I do know they're keeping it secret this time until close to the publication date. People who have signed up for the newsletter will be the first to see it. And, of course, I'll post it here when I get the go ahead. It's all very hush-hush and top secret!

D - I love the flowers on the blog! But some time this month my new assistant is going to be reformatting my blog, so I'll keep your comment in mind when considering new designs.

D said...

If your assistant knows how to work html than she should be able to keep the flowers, and only change the aspect of the blog that makes them overlay your posts. If you need help with this I can tweak your layout for you. I'm always messing around with my own!

ShinyOshiri said...

lolol @ starbucks. I literally JUST finished Chosen and it had me hanging on every page..ugh lmao. Waaaay too much drama similar to my own! How scary. But the picture of starbucks is awesome! Now I have more of an idea of how its really supposed to look like than what I pictured in my head.

ShinyOshiri said...
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Sattarah said...

I just felt the need to put a comment up saying thank you. I've been into the whole Wiccan thing for about 6 months now, and I somehow stumbled across the House of Night series. Through the book, I feel like I've had an overwhelming amount of reveries about my own path. I can NOT wait till October 27th now. I love the series :)
Blessed be!

Leigh said...

HI mrs cast. i am a young writer mysel and would love your adise one time... if you would ever help out or something, i would love to chat. my email is and i cant wait to read the rest of the books, its hard to get a hold of when the libray has like none, and you dont have money to by themn, but i loved the first and am dying for the next.. :)

PC Cast said...

Leigh - I dedicate an entire blog post to advise for aspiring authors. Check it out as a starting point.

Good luck,

celina said...

i got hooked on house of night!! i bought betrayed first because the stores here where out of marked and then my sister found one (which is probably one of the 20 left here) and then i started reading it. i finished it in one day and betrayed too. the stores are out of chosen so i'm waiting for my cousin to lend me her book (i recommended she read it too)... it's really exciting...

i hope there's a way you can make the 6th book come out earlier! cant wait!