Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Getting over jet lag

I'm back from my lovely research trip to Italy and am seriously fighting jet lag. I'll post more pics as I recover, but thought y'all would like to see proof that on Capri I really was thinking and researching!



Kori Rockwell said...

I'm so glad you had a good time! Italy was one of my favorite vacations... it's just so peaceful and old-timey, which is lovely! Can't wait to see more pictures.

While I'm here, do you know whether your agent is looking for more Teen Vampire novels to represent?

Have a peaceful recovering.

JennyMac said...

Hi! My name is Jenny, I just love your HoN books!! They're amazing! I love how the Vampyre and Wicca/Pagan are all form into one in this book. I really love it, its really great and beautiful! Can't wait for Hunted!

And I'm glad you had a good time in Italy! Hope you get heal from the jet lag, its horrible I know lol.

Merry Part


Ang from Oz said...

Italy!! How great would that be!!!

What's the weather like there atm?

Its so hot here in OZ!! ;)

(Can't wait for the squirell pics, thanks PC)

katsu said...

Hello PC,

I love you HoN series. I read 3 books in 1 day! And I can't wait for March to come for Hunted. I love you relationship with Kristin as well. You guys are so close!!! Anyway, are they casting for the movie already? I know you can't choose actors but I'mm really interested to audition! :-)

JT said...
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JT said...

Hey P.C.,

Happy that you had a wonderful time in Italy, I hope that you feel refreshed and happy to be home. Best of luck to you and Kristen in all that you do during 2009 and beyond.

- J.T.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the pic, P.C.!! Beautiful.

Ivusha said...

Well, Italy is a nice country;-)
That pic is very nice;-) I'm looking forward for the next one...;-)

Besides... I'm from Czech republic and I had an oportunity to read House of night series... Do you know anything about releasing them here?:-)
Thanks a lot, Ivusha ( http://ivusha.blog.cz )

Unknown said...

hope you get over the jet lag... thats gotta be no fun... I hope you had lots of fun in Italy!!! What did you di there? That picture is beautiful!

Sarge said...

Ahhh Capri - always wanted to visit. My times in Italy have mainly focused around Firenze. Didn't care much for Rome - despite the history and art, it just always feels like a big dirty city. But Florence...I'm not a past-life sort (I don't rule it out, but lacking any facts I'm not going to be so arrogant as to say it's so)but I ALWAYS feel completely at home there. Safe. Giddily in love. That comfortable autopilot that I only ever get at home in Santa Cruz...and Canterbury, though in Canterbury I can never shake the feeling that I've lost something. Canterbury feels like home, but it's a bittersweet homecoming. But Florence is equally fun with friends or on my own. Art is everywhere - not just museums and galleries, but in the stones themselves. You can't go 10 feet without being struck by some amazing bit of stonework (no, they're not hurling it at you, though I do have a beloved photo of me delightedly standing next to "yankee go home" scrawled on a wall - I love seeing cliches in the flesh), or how the paint is peeling, or a sad, quiet little forgotten saint carved into a niche.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just noticed this. You know how in the HoN books the cats pick the vamps, its like Harry Potter the wand picks the wizard.

Don Kerr said...

Both I and Vicky look forward to seeing more pictures posted on your blog. Looks like you had a good time.

PC Cast said...

Kori - my agent is always looking for new voices, but I would guess she would not be interested in another YA vamp author.

Ang - squirrel pics on their way!

Katsu - no word on casting for the movie yet. I'll post when I get information.

Lvusha - I have no information about releases in the Czech Republic, but I would bet your local bookstore could search under the title and tell you when the next book will be available.

Mara- we were researching! Yes, Zoey and the gang are going to Italy!


Ivusha said...

Thank you a lot for your answer!;-)
But I meant releasing Marked. You know, they haven't released any of your books yet... It's really pity, because I loved them... And so did all of my friends I told them about.

Unknown said...

Awesome!!! I can't wait for the books to come out!!! Good Luck! ;D

vampiregirl said...

love the necklace on the cover of Chosen where can i get it!!!

PC Cast said...

Vampiregirl - you can find the necklaces through the site, www.houseofnightseries.com or through www.firegoddess.com.


Sapphire Wishes said...

are you sure you are 235 years old?
:) Smiles
Please respond! I love your books and everthing there is to it. Your House of Night Characters are structures so amazingly!
(but I just hate Kalona because he is a liar, but hey, he's the fallen bad guy) smiles!

PC Cast said...

Twilightan Girl - Actually I'm 235 1/2. My birthday's in April...

lunamoon said...

i was just wondering why you are 235 or some such?

PC Cast said...

lunamoon - because I'm a vampyre. Jeesh.