Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's arrived!

Don't forget... UNTAMED is set to release on September 23rd!!!


xoxo.houseofnight said...

Is a movie being made ?
Because I saw pictures
of how Erin, Shaunee, Zoey, ... etc
are . I kinda started thinking that a movie was being made .? Is there a movie coming up because I' d LOVE to know !

Tajana said...

Oh it's beautiful. Love the detail and how easy it is to function.

But I went on Campus and Yearbook and I saw the people. Not sure if they are the series or the movie people. But I have A LOT o comments hihi. I don't know Zoey and Heath and Erik look soooooo much older. Especially Zoey. It just bugs me.

Please tell me if they are the final actors and actresses or if they are just for image. :].

Unknown said...

The site is totally different from any possible movie. The actors on the site are the characters from the perspective of my publisher and Kristin and me - we did have major input into choosing them, which we won't have if a movie or tv series gets made.

As to their ages - well, the characters aren't in their young teens. Zoey is 17, and she's one of the youngest of the gang. You need to remember that Erik and Heath are 18 and 19. Jack's the youngest of the group and he's 16. Kids don't get Marked until they're at least 15-16.

PC Cast said...

Oh, by-the-by the Zoey in the videos is the same lovely girl who is on the cover of the books!

Don't you just love Stevie Rae?!

And Erik...hees...sooooo cute!

Tajana said...

Well Thank You for answering :].

And yeah it is really nice that you had the input. It's great to see how you guys see the characters as.

And yeah the age group I know. Just from a readers point of view I did not think of Zoey looking so old and so adult. I mean the actress is beautiful and everything but just seems so much older. I don't know maybe I'm wrong.

OMG the twins are just perfect. And so are Damien and Jack. Too perfect. No words for Stevie Ray. Just beyond perfect. :]. All of those characters are amazing.

Hahahahaha yeah Erik is too cute. I am beginning to grow on him a bit. Will take some time. :]. Heath is also growing on me.

Oh yeah PC and Kristen were you guys on the set of the photoshoots and when the videos were made?

PS. Yeah I know I write a lot but it's just so amazing the site and everything and you guys! :D.

Roxy said...

I cant register to the newsletter cause im from Canada! :( *sobs*
oooh Aphrodite is perfect! She looks like a total hag from hell!
And OMG Heath is exactly what i pictured! *sigh*
And Erik's eyes! WOW!
hmmm Zoey does look old but sooo pretty! :)
WOW! The videos gave me shivers!!!
The new site looks amazing! OMG i cant wait for the next book!!!

PC Cast said...

Roxanne - email my webgoddess at carly.wilkins@macmillan.com and ask her to please please please add you to the newsletter list. I'm sure she'll work out something.

Tajana - no, the videos were filmed in New York City, and Kristin and I weren't there that day. We do heart them, though!

Ang from Oz said...

Wow, the site is great!! Heaps to look at and explore!!

Can't wait to read Untamed!! And also it wouldn't let me sign up for the newsletter either :(

sophie said...

In your comment, you said that they are the same characters that are in the video's? Are there videos? How can you get to them? By the way, the site looks amazing! I can't wait for untamed to come out! I tried to get immortal, but they said that it doesn't come out until October. I am such a fan, and I am so excited that there will be 9 books in the series! I hope that you get a movie made! Cross my fingers! Thank you for writing the books, they are the best thing in my life right now! Y'all are amazing!!! Oh and Zoe does look really old! I always pictured Erik as a blond, but he looks way better than I imagined!

Thanks for all you do!

PC Cast said...

Ang - you should email Carly, too. I'll bet she can make sure you get subscribed.

Sophie - there are wonderful video trailers! If I remember correctly they're under the dorm link. Enjoy!

Heather said...

I just started reading the house of night series last week. I already finished all three of them. I just couldn't put them down. I cant wait for Tuesday to get the new book. I truly am in love with the story line and feel like I'm right there with Zoey. I really hope that this wont be the last we see of Zoey and the gang. I also hope that we can see Zoey and Erik fix things and maybe even try again. Luv the books and you guys!

PC Cast said...

Guys, if you're having trouble signing up for the newsletter through the new site, just post a message to me on facebook or myspace saying your name, email address and birth date (full day, month, and year), and my fabulous St. Martin's team will be sure you're enrolled.

VannaBird710 said...

umm, i already have the book Untamed and read it, Walmart has already started selling it. I bought it on friday and absolutly loved it, but i just wanted to let you know people already have it. You guys did a great job on these books and got me to read for the first time in 16 years

Roxy said...

ggrrrr Walmart makes me soo freaking mad! They did that with Breaking Dawn as well! How come they are not getting any fines??? Its not like people are hiding the fact that they bought it there! So much for respecting the author!!!

PC Cast said...

All I'll say is yeah, it makes me angry, too. Your point about respecting the authors is well made.


Unknown said...

the new book doesn't come in ereader format for ebook. why