Thursday, November 02, 2006


You can order DIVINE BY CHOICE right now! Yea! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! Okay, here's the deal. Yes, the book isn't officially available until December, BUT my favorite local independent bookstore, The Book Place, is taking pre-orders now. (My books usually get there at least a couple weeks before they're available at major bookstores and Amazon.) So, you can order DIVINE BY CHOICE (with a lovely 15% discount!) through The Book Place and before they ship it to you I will march my little self down to the store and sign it for you! Yes, you can get a copy of DIVINE BY MISTAKE signed by me, too.
Here's what you need to do:

Find out for yourself why RT gave P.C. Cast's DIVINE BY CHOICE a 4 1/2 star rating Top Pick review!!!

Pre-order your copy of DIVINE BY CHOICE (LUNA Dec., 2006), the long awaited sequel to GODDESS/DIVINE BY MISTAKE and receive a copy signed by P.C. Cast at 15% off the cover price!

RT said, "With Cast's imaginative style, expectations are high for this second book in the Divine series, and it delivers. Superlative world-building and a modern, sarcastic heroine make this an accessible and delightful read. The first of this series, Goddess by Mistake, earned a 4 1/2 star rating; the updated reissue, Divine by Mistake, is even better. While Divine by Choice can stand on it own, pick up both of these treasures for your keeper shelf."

If you would like to receive a signed copy of DIVINE BY MISTAKE (LUNA Sept., 2006) you can place that order during this promotion period and also receive 15% off the cover price!

TO RECEIVE THIS SPECIAL OFFER be sure to include in the “Question or Message” section of the order form “Pre-Order Promo for P.C. Cast”.

TO HAVE THE SIGNATURE PERSONALIZED: Be sure to include in the “Question or Message” section of the order form the name of the person you would like included in the inscription. Otherwise the book will have only the signature of P.C. Cast.

HOW TO ORDER: This pre-order special will be available only through The Book Place in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Please visit to place your order today! Click on “Search Inventory” in the menu, type in the title of the book you wish to order and submit. The Book Place can be reached by phone at (918)455-1422.

Any questions regarding this promotion can be directed by e-mail to Sherry Rowland at

Happy ordering guys! The long wait for DIVINE BY CHOICE is finally over!


Crystal Jordan said...

That is a gorgeous cover, PC! Can't wait to read it!

Bam said...


I am so excited about this book that I'm shaking. You know what a GIANT fan I am of yours. :)

P.S. I wonder if the ARC fairies could possibly grant me this one wish. ::blinking innocently::

PC Cast said...

Bam - You'll have to check with my publicist and see if she has any ARCs left...

Unknown said...

I have this book on pre-order through Amazon and have had since earl October. It sucks it won't have been signed, but I'll probably mail it to you to get you to sign it anyway.:-) I have waited 5 years for this one and I have been verrrrrry patient.

Jane said...

I have received my copy of "Divine By Choice" and devoured it! I loved the book and found it funny, poignant and compassionate. I have enjoyed all of your books but have a special fondness for the ones that take place in Parthalon. Bravo to the author! I look forward to many more stories in the future!

PC Cast said...

Kathy - have you received the book yet? I noticed Amazon is shipping already.

Jane - thank you! Partholon has a special place in my heart, too.

Unknown said...

Um no I haven't. I didn't even know they were shipping yet.

Unknown said...

I just got my copy of Divine by Choice. I havent read it yet, but I'll let you know, happiness is in my hands. . .

Cindi said...

I just discovered your "Partholon" series this Fall. I absolutely love your idea of partnering the real world with a sister world in an alternate dimension. I am currently over half way through "Divine by Choice", it is fabulous. (as was "Divine by Mistake") Your characters are so totally real. (I`m 40 and 3/4 and I read like most people breathe, so I`ve read a Few books and know what I`m talking about)I love your sense of humor! Don`t EVER stop writing!
- Cindi Hachey
New Brunswick, Canada

PC Cast said...

Thank you Cindi!

CourtneyAtkinson said...

If I judged a book by it's cover [which 10 to 1 I do] this one's it! I got both "Divine by Mistake" and as soon as the stores opened after Christmas I had my hands on "Divine by Choice", too and I can't wait for "Divine by Blood" to come out!!!! Keep writing so I can keep reading!

Oh and I was wondering where I can go to find a complete list of the books you've written that are in order by series, that way I don't get the third one to a set. If you can tell me where to find one that would be great.


PS: Liking Harry Potter is NOT dorky... It's natural! ;)

PC Cast said...

That's an easy question to answer Courtney. Just go to my website,, and click on the book link. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see a list of books in pub order.

Happy reading!

CourtneyAtkinson said...

Ah HA! Thanks! Can live without my books... Or in this case YOUR books! ^_^