Saturday, December 03, 2005

1st YA ms almost finished!

Okay, I'm very excited to report that the 1st book in our (as in my daughter and me) YA series is almost finished! Naturally, I won't even be able to take a breath before I move on to the 2nd one, which has to be finished by January 15 - may God(dess) help me. are some name-that-character winners:

Jess!! You won with Erik for the love interest (well, one of them) for our fabulous heroine. His whole name is Erik Night.

Jana!! You won with Damien for one of our major secondary characters - one of our heroine's best friends (he's an adorable gay guy you'll love).

So ladies, email me privately with your addresses and when the book comes out I owe you each an autographed copy and a goddess necklace. Congrats!!


moonhart said...

Very nice, ladies. Congrats.


Jana Armstrong said...

Wonderful!! I'm so excited about reading this series, PC!!